Heading To Miami For Early Thanksgiving

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18 November 2009



I’m leaving Jackson, MS tomorrow afternoon for a much needed respite from work with Alice and Chance to my former home, Miami, FL. Very excited to spend some time w/ my mom, dad and sister, as well as show Al and Chance Miami for the first time.

We’ve got a nice little itinerary which includes eating cuban food at Sergio’s or La Carreta, taking an airboat ride in the everglades to check out some gators, attending the University of Miami Hurricanes football game, eating an early Thanksgiving turkey w/ my family, attending a Miami Heat game, and of course hitting the H20 weather permitting over on Key Biscayne.

Hope to post lots of photos of our adventures upon my return to Jackson, MS next week where I will be at work Tues/Wed and then have another 4 solid days vacation.


Its All About The U – Luther Cambell – Behind The Scenes Video

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16 November 2009


Hanging with Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell recording soundtrack for the upcoming film, “The U”.


Dolly Parton Shills IE8 Web Slices Feature

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16 November 2009


“Truth is, I wouldn’t know a gigabyte from a snakebite.” That’s awesome!



Che: Part 2 (2008) – Movie Review

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9 November 2009


4 of 5

Che: Part 2

In this second part to Sodderberg’s Che biopic, we follow our beloved Che as he moves from Cuba to the South American continent where he attempts to sow the seeds of rebellion amongst the pobres of Bolivia. Benicio Del Toro is again excellent in his portrayal of Che Guevara. He is an amazing actor and was completely believable.

In part two, Che’s revolutionary fervor gets old. As he tires so does his rhetoric. The dreams of armed revolution as a means of fomenting change amongst the masses soon seem asĀ  grandiose as a child’s wish to be king. Applying the model of the Cuban revolution in Andean Bolivia didn’t work and the result is a sad end to a character Sodderberg made endearing in Che: Part 1.

Che’s excursions into the Bolivian countryside reeked of a boy scout outing when the scale of such an audacious campaign required a bona-fide armies. I still felt for the guy. Most anyone who critically reads Marx’s Capital has to accept that capitalism creates certain inherent systematic inequalities. I for one find some of these inequalities immoral. However I may feel about the need to ameliorate the plight of those less fortunate, I can not agree with Che’s methods – or at least the methods depicted in this film. In the end, the revolutionaries take on a parasitic role that prey on the very people they originally aimed to help.


Che: Part 1 (2008) – Movie Review

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9 November 2009


4.5 of 5

Che: Part 1

Benicio Del Toro is fantastic in his portrayal of Che Guevara – fabled revolutionary of Latin America. Steven Sodderberg directed this awesome movie that begins with clandestine meetings in Mexico City and culminates with the taking of Havana by Che and the leader of the movement, Fidel Castro.

There is a romantic quality to this film which comes into full light when juxtaposed against Che: Part 2 (review to follow). Che comes across as someone devoted to high level ideals – willing to give the ultimate sacrifice for the betterment of the people.

I thoroughly enjoyed this film.


Canes Romp Over Cavaliers

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9 November 2009


Canes CheerleaderThe University of Miami Hurricanes brought some payback to the Virginia Cavaliers this past weekend and celebrated homecoming in style.

Two years ago, Miami suffered its most humiliating defeat in school history at the hands of the Cavaliers – loosing 48-0 on the final night in Hurricane Orange Bowl history. I went to that game and it hurt. It hurt bad.

Miami played quite well – scoring 28 unanswered second half points to top UVA 52-17. The win also earned the Canes a couple spots in the BCS rankings – moving them up to #14 overall.

Next up for The U are the UNC Tarheels in a pivotal ACC matchup to be broadcast on ABC.

This was the first game I watched wholly via ESPN’s online streaming service, ESPN360.com. Overall the viewing experience was more than I expected – in particular I liked how my Win Media Center remote could still operate the volume – essential for commercial breaks. I also liked how the video would automatically return to full screen once the ads finished playing. All I need now is an ESPN360 desktop app like Hulu has and I’d be golden.


Elizabeth Lambert: Soccer Brawl Dynamo

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6 November 2009


Women’s Soccer players are commonly known for their grit and toughness when compared to an average girly-girl. Elizabeth Lambert, who wears #15 on the University of New Mexico’s women’s soccer team, takes these traits to a whole new level as seen in the video below.

UPDATE 11-7-09:

From the AP – University of New Mexico junior defender Elizabeth Lambert has been suspended indefinitely from the women’s soccer team after her rough play during a match against BYU in the semifinals of the Mountain West Conference tournament. (Nov. 6).

There are consequences for one’s actions.


Wookie & Stormtrooper Celebrate Halloween At Whitehouse

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5 November 2009


Whitehouse Halloween


Miami 305’s Take On Frothy Beavers In Pivotal Fantasy Matchup

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5 November 2009


Miami 305's vs Frothy Beavers

This week’s Mad Genius fantasy football contest looks to be one for the ages…


Geek Kama Sutra

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4 November 2009


Geek Kama Sutra

Via GeekWithLaptop.com


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