Super Monkey Knife Fight

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4 November 2009


Super Monkey Knife Fight

The ultimate manifestation of awesome? Agreed.

Via Comic Book Resources


Beagle Bagel Launches New Website

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2 November 2009


Beagle Bagel Cafe - Home Page

Just launched a new website for Jackson, Mississippi’s  best (only?) bagel/sandwich place – The Beagle Bagel Cafe. It was a really fun site to work on given how much everyone seems to love dining there and how great their food is. If you visit the site, make sure you check out the ‘Our Story’ page which provides a graphic-novelesque way of reading the back-story behind Horace P. Belvedere – the beagle who brought bagels to Mississippi.

I for one need to stock up on some more Black Russian and Everything bagels for the week…


And I also want to give a quick shout-out to my partners in code – Bryce Mullican, Daniel Green, Wade Acuff and the Mad Genius himself, all of whom helped make the site a success. Thx guys!


Meat Hand Looks Yummy!

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2 November 2009


meat-hand-from-not-martha-dot-comTruth be told, I’m a meat and potatoes lover. Its one of life’s great culinary combinations. When I came across this gem of a recipe I felt obliged to share.

Over on not-martha, they’ve outlined the steps and creation process behind this masterpiece of meta-carpel meatloaf.

I recommend browsing the whole post which is full of photos from early prototypes and hints on how best to create you own meat hand.

While the world of the meat hand is a novel one to me, I have attempted an other unique meat dish – the Meat Muffin. It consisted of filling up a muffin tin with ground meat and baking. FYI you basically you get oddly shaped meatballs.


NFL Quarterback Carson Palmer Pitches Long-er Smoked Sausages

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1 November 2009


carson-palmer-likes-it-long-er I would love to know the back story behind this banner ad i stumbled across this morning.

Just get it out
Having now worked in the advertising world for a little while, I understand that sometimes there comes a point where, despite internal protestations, the agency sighs with exasperation: “Just get it out.” Which means that the client in all likelihood saw hundreds of photos and somehow this one spoke to them and screamed success. In the end, the chosen photograph depicts NFL QB Carson Palmer about to deep throat a mustard covered phallus.

GO Long…er! ?
I know there had to be dozens of other headlines for this ad. This is the best they could do? Again, my gut tells me it came down to client interference or design by committee where things get so off-track that in the end, Go Long…er! was probably the best choice.

Carson, you need a new agent
I’m not very privy to how things work in the celebrity endorsement arena; however, I do know having worked in the NASCAR world a little that the athletes have plenty of stipulation baked into their contracts. Clearly, either Carson was pleased with his likeness about to suck down a nitrite infused phallus, or his people were impotent in modifying the outcome.


Miami Hurricanes Come From Behind To Beat The Demon Deacons of Wake Forest

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1 November 2009


Canes beat Wake ForestIt took late fourth quarter heroics, but in the end the Miami Hurricanes managed to pull out a win and return from Winston-Salem, NC with a 6-2 record (3-2 ACC).

Things started out shaky – spotting Wake 17 points before finally getting points on the board. The Canes’ defense was atrocious – giving up 555 yards overall with 408 of them through the air.

Its clear that Miami is massively depleted on defense.  Coming into Saturday’s contest, The U had some 11 defensive players either injured our out for the season.


  • CB – Ryan Hill – OUT FOR SEASON
  • DE – Dyron Dye – OUT FOR SEASON
  • DE – Gavin Hardin – OUT FOR SEASON
  • DE – Eric Moncur
  • DE – Adewale Ojomo – OUT FOR SEASON
  • DT – Marcus Forston – OUT FOR SEASON
  • LB – Jordan Futch – OUT FOR SEASON
  • LB – Shayon Green – OUT FOR SEASON
  • LB – Sean Spence
  • S – Ray Ray Armstrong
  • S – JoJo Nicholas

Next up for the Canes are the Cavaliers from the University of Virginia.


Video PSA – Douchebags Unite

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29 October 2009


Amen brothah. Amen.


The Colors of National Flags

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26 October 2009


Shahee Ilyas, a new media designer, has created an info graphic that demonstrates the colors used in national flags for some 200 countries. Also included in the work are a series of individual graphics for each of the sampled countries.

View the Flags by Colours project



50 Years of Space Exploration – Infographic

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25 October 2009



Check out the super-jumbo-large size on flikr.

Look closely and you’ll find that the New Horizons satellite, launched in January of 2006, has a date with the plutoid Pluto on my birthday (july 14) come 2015.


Adobe Labs Teases Universe With Content Aware Fills

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25 October 2009


Adobe has published a short video demonstrating a new Photoshop feature that enables an individual to delete large blocks of content from an an image and the program will fill in an amazingly realistic background.

Difficult to explain but easy to watch.



Miami Hurricanes Suffer Season Imperilling Overtime Loss To Clemson Tigers

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25 October 2009

The Canes' ferocious defense takes out Clemson TE

The Canes' ferocious defense takes out Clemson TE

The Miami Hurricanes were stunned and beaten into submission last night. In front of what looked like a paltry crowd, UM was unable to beat an underrated Clemson Tigers football team. The second loss of the season in the ACC means that Miami is for all intents and purposes out of the hunt for an ACC division or conference title. It also will probably relegate the Canes to a second tier bowl game should The U manage to recoup its season and win the rest of its games.

Clemson came into the game un-ranked and boasting a mediocre 3-3 record overall. Miami on the other hand entered the contest ranked #10 in the BCS and sat in a three way tie for the ACC Coastal lead along with Virginia Tech. and Georgia Tech.

Miami was clearly hobbled on Defense. The D-line seemed inept – clearly incapable of pressuring the Clemson QB – providing ample time for their receivers to find space and make steady progress throughout the game. There also seemed to be some significant commuication problems between the coaching staff and the players on the field resulting in poor time management at the end of the first half and Miami having to burn all three 2nd half timeouts before the end of the third quarter.

However none of that mattered in the end. The score board was effectively erased and both teams started at zero at the start of overtime play. The play callers decided to hobble UM standout quarterback, Jacory Harris, in the end – choosing to run over providing Harris an opportunity to find one of his accomplished receivers. As a result, Miami settled for a field goal.

Clemson faced a long third down play and with plenty of time in the pocket and an insanely large zone seam in which to run a crossing pattern, the Tigers managed to score a touchdown and end the game.

This is an important loss for the Canes. It shows weakness and deficiency. I believe it has provided the team with a much needed reality check on what it takes to be The U of old.

The game was not supposed to be exciting. Miami was supposed to romp and roll – show their U Swag. No matter the silver lining, this loss hurt bad.


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