The Challenger Explosion – My Generation’s JFK Moment

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28 January 2013


NASA Image of Challenger Crew

The NASA Space Shuttle Challenger catastrophe was my generation’s JFK moment – that is – most people can recall exactly where they were and what they were doing when they learned of the explosion in which all seven astronauts died. I imagine the same goes for 9-11 too.

For me it was in a hallway between periods at Southwood Middle School located in southeastern Miami-Dade County.


Damn You Onion – I Send You Traffic And You Send Me Videos That Hit Too Close To Home

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17 January 2013


Man Has Alarming Level Of Pride In Institution That Left Him $50,000 In Debt, Inadequately Prepared For Job Market

PS – It’s all about the []_[]


The Onion Pokes Fun At The Atlantic With Taliban Sponsored Advertorial

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16 January 2013


Let me preface this by saying I like The Atlantic. I like the short attention span focused Atlantic Wire too. I even like the print version which I make a point of picking up during any air travel. I believe The Atlantic is the best example of a once print-focused outfit migrating successfully to the digital age.

Along with many publishing outfits, The Atlantic is having to search for revenue streams to help bolster the bottom line in a time when print ad revenues are by all accounts dwindling. What better way to help take up the slack than the good ‘ole fashion advertorial, right? Wrong.

Case in point – letting the quasi-cult Scientology attempt to lend legitimacy to its scheme through a sponsored post.

The post was subsequently brought down and The Atlantic doled out the expected mea culpa. End of story right? Wrong.

The Onion, ever johnny-on-the-spot for its biting wit and humorous take at the world’s ills, published this homage:

The Onion - Mock Advertorial for Taliban

This begs the question…

Was The Onion attempting to mock The Atlantic, Scientology or a little of both?


BMW – Global Icon of Leftist Terror?

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14 January 2013


BMW Brand / Terror (Updated 2013) from Richard Huffman on Vimeo.

This well made 15 minute documentary tracks the identification of the Baader-Meinhoff (aka Red Faction) terrorist group from 1970’s Germany with the BMW automotive brand. Despite a sensationalist comparison* with present day Al Qaeda, the film does a good job at showing how the leftist terror organization was able to add some cool caché to the then regional German auto manufacturer.

Here’s a link to the film’s creator, Richard Huffman.

* Sensationalist Comparison
The film attempts to use a 1970’s poll which demonstrated a large (14%) population of then West Germans would support/house a member of Baader-Meinhoff and compares that to the expected results you’d have here in the U.S. should that question include Osama bin Laden. I feel the comparison to be a little on the spurious side for a couple reasons. A) The whole nature of ‘terror’ has evolved since the 1970’s. My sense is that ‘terror’ in most cases was associated with PLO type hijackings, kidnapping, and the occasional assassination of wealthy financier types. I Guess I’m just a little unsure that the label ‘terrorist’ carries the same weight that it does today in a time where hundreds if not thousands die at the hands of terror plots. B) The linkage between a largely socioeconomic revolution (Red Faction) and a relgio-cultural revolution (Al Qaeda) has some problems. Socioeconomic revolution feels more like it’s about turning the tables on the uber-rich and entrenched classes while a religious revolution feels more akin to the complete abolishment of the core cultural roots a society is based upon. Socioeconomic revolution feels more akin to socialist struggles and breaking pre-determined societal structures. I will grant you that both are examples of revolution and both are terrorists, but to me socioeconomic revolution remains a little more palatable – especially in 1970’s Europe as opposed to 2013 USA. A better comparison might be to present-day leaders of Occupy Wallstreet than Osama.


Take a 25 Minute Video Tour of Space Station

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9 January 2013


Commander Sunita Williams of NASA takes you on a pretty cool video tour of the Space Station!

PS – Feb 20 Chance, Alice and I are heading to Space Camp in Huntsville, AL!!!


Localhost Not Working – WAMP on Windows 8

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9 December 2012


If you’re trying to get WAMP configured on Windows 8 – you might benefit from this tip I found over on StackOverflow. I got the server configured but was having trouble using http://localhost/ as opposed to

Turns out the default WAMP Apache httpd.conf file needs to be edited a bit to make things kosher.


Don’t sleep on the remote

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22 November 2012




Senor Ken Block Es En Fuego

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7 November 2012


At what point does one decide to bail from a burning car?


Breast Cancer Awareness Facebook Cover Photo

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2 October 2012


I made this in response to my wife’s recent diagnosis. Feel free to use yourself.



Star Wars – Return of the Jedi Infographic

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26 September 2012

Love this. Check out the full set at


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