KFC Tries Its Hand At Creating Novel Food Mashup Menu Item

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21 October 2009


kfc-double-down-sandwichKFC has entered into the food mashup arena with its daring entry: The Double Down.

KFC isn’t the first to combine several existing menu items and mash them up into a new and wholly outrageous combination. McDonald’s is known for at least two McMashups of their own.

Leave it up to the Colonel to create a sandwich without even a single piece of bread.

The Double Dare sandwich includes the following tantalizing ingredients:

  • 2 Original Recipe chicken breast fillets
  • Bacon
  • Pepper Jack cheese
  • Swiss cheese
  • Colonel’s Sauce (not quite sure what is in the Colonel’s sauce but I’m sure its delicious)

What makes the Double Down unique however is its substitution of fried chicken breast fillets for bread. The Colonel is proclaiming his culinary genius in my opinion.


Miami Hurricanes Ranked #10 In BCS Standings

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19 October 2009

UM's Shawn Spence sacks the UCF QB

UM's Shawn Spence sacks the UCF QB

The Miami Hurricanes improved to a 5-1 record overall after trouncing the Knights of the University of Central Florida 27-7 this past Saturday evening. The win helped Miami stay in the national contention conversation. Miami consequently was given a No. 10 ranking in the BCS poll – the poll that decides who ultimately plays in what bowl at the end of the season.

It was a solid performace for The U. While the running game stumbled, the passing game exploded with Jacory Harris finishing just shy of 300 yards passing. The banged up defense was able to contain the Knights as well ensuring an appropriate lop-sided victory.

Miami’s only loss this season came at the hands of the Virginia Tech. Hokies. Those same Hokies dropped a second game this past weekend and may have moved out of contention for the national title.

I expect the canes will move up steadily into the 5-6 range over the course of the season should they continue to win against lesser ACC and non-conference opponents.


Miami Hurricanes Only Watch Spongebob

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16 October 2009


Its all about the U.


Crying Sooner Boy Brings Joy To My Life Today

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14 October 2009


Boo Hoo!Schadenfreude is the wonderful German word which translates literally as “shameful joy.”  The word imbues a sense of one’s taking pleasure in the suffering of others according to wikipedia.

Yet, as I look into this child’s eyes, I see a younger Rob who much like this little football fan, has had his heart broken by the opposing team. In my case – I look back to the Miami Dolphin’s 1983 loss to the Washington Redskins in which #43 John Riggins ran over the entire Miami defence en route to a 4th quarter come-from-behind victory. Man that hurt!

Despite being able to actually identify with this poor kid – I still relish in his pain if only because it was at the hands of The U.

As you will note – the image found over at http://miamisportsblog.com.


Could Baggage Surcharge Strategy Be Hurting The Airlines?

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14 October 2009



(Click image above to zoom)

The domestic U.S. airline industry has taken alarming steps over the past few years to cut costs and find new revenue streams. Consequently, what used to be free now often incurs a cost above and beyond whatever fees a passenger may have paid for their ticket.

Case in point, baggage. United Airlines was the first to charge passengers to stow their luggage away back in February of 2008. A rather innocuous $15 surcharge for a second bag. Since that time, airlines have shuffled and scooted their baggage fees around in an attempt to find a sweet spot between revenue and keeping the frothing hordes of angry travelers at bay. United in particular has gone so far as to charge $50 to pack away a second piece of luggage on their flights.

What the info visualization above points to; however, is that this strategy of attempting to gain revenue through baggage surcharges is indicative of airlines that are loosing the most money. Could this be due to unfavorable sentiments in the market place? Or maybe this the zealous baggage charges are in response to a more dire economic situation?

Whatever the causation – I like the fact that the airlines that charge the least for baggage seem to be fairing the best in the marketplace.

Original data source: http://joe.biztravelife.com/09/042309.html


Gun Show Undercover: Exposing Glaring Loopholes In Federal Gun Laws

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12 October 2009


A recent undercover investigation by the City of New York documents the numerous ways that ‘Gun Shows’ provide a means for individuals to purchase and obtain firearms without pre-requisite background checks. After watching the video, I recommend taking a look at the project’s website, which includes a full write-up as well as almost a dozen additional incriminating undercover videos.

+ http://gunshowundercover.org


Celebrating Mississippi’s 150th State Fair

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9 October 2009


Mississippi State Fair

I will not be going on any death-defying rides this year. My fear of carnival ride operators in active addition has got the best of me. I will however be happy to view the ‘World’s Smallest Horse’ at both midway locations, take a gander at the ‘World’s Largest Rats’ (which are simply Capybaras), and will of course eat to my heart’s content.

There will be corn dogs eaten.


My Mississippi Dream Home – Annotated

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7 October 2009



Mama always told me to dream big. Not only spacious, but color coded as well.


Miami Hurricanes Ranked #11 After Win Over Oklahoma Sooners

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4 October 2009


canes-top-soonersOklahoma and Miami had only played six times prior to the October 3rd clash. Each team had taken three victories a piece. Miami’s victories – in 1985, 1986, and 1987 put an end to Oklahoma championship hopes each of those years. Despite the relative few meetings – the match up has some baggage and Miami’s win last night helped reassure the hurricane faithful that indeed this year’s team is one to be reckoned with on a national stage.

Miami entered the game reeling from a blowout at the hands of ACC rival, Virginia Tech. Although the Canes had won games against Florida State and Georgia Tech, the loss to the Hokies of Va Tech threw into question the legitimacy of the Canes #9 ranking. After the sound drubbing from the Hokies, the Canes fell to a much more realistic #19 ranking.

Sophomore phenom Jacory Harris started off shakey – throwing two picks on the Hurricanes’ first two posessions. One came off a poor decision – the other due to a blown route by the receiver. Oklahoma meanwhile capitalized off the turnovers and quickly put 10 points up on the board. Joe Robbie (yes, I know its called Land Shark but I refuse to recognize that fact officially) stadium became quiet and a palpable sense of fear gripped hurricane nation as we wondered if this team might become aflicted with the same schiztophrenic nature of last years team.

Instead of going for the deep ball, the Canes turned to picking off nice 8-12 yard chunks and then opening up things with some solid runs by Javaris James and Gregg Cooper. The result was a series of successful drives that showed what the offense can do when things are firing on all cylinders.

In the end, however, it was the defense that earned The U the big W over Oklahoma. Stifling the corn-feed behemoth O-Line on drive after drive – it soon became apparent that the Sooners were gassing up front. Repeated penetrations by the Hurricane defense put their QB in panic-mode and they soon became ineffectual.

The Miami Hurricanes have withstood one of the most challenging starts in the school’s history. They have persevered and look to a remaining schedule that although dangerous in places, poses relatively few threats.

Miami should be able to run the table and reach the ACC championchip game with only one loss and depending on the outcome across the nation, could vie for a national title this year or at the very least play once again in a BCS game.

Its great to be a Miami Hurricane.


Andre The Cage

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29 September 2009


Andre The Giant’s long lost brother – Nicholas Cage…

Andre The Cage

Very creepy no?

(via buzzfeed)


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