Miami Hurricanes Fall To Virginia Tech. Hokies 31-7

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27 September 2009


49503335The University of Miami Hurricanes suffered their first loss of the 2009 season Saturday at the hands of the Virginia Tech Hokies on a rain-soaked field in Blacksburg, VA.

The Hokies prooved too much for the Canes who entered the contest ranked #9 in the A.P. NCAA Football poll.

Things started off on a bad note as a questionable fumble call went Va.Tech.’s way in the first quarter, putting the Hokies deep in Hurricane territory early in the first quarter. Successive turnovers and an accompanying swell of palpable momentum vaulted the Hokies to a decided advantage that proved to difficult for the Canes to overcome.

Miami’s once impervious offensive line sprang leak after leak, and forced UM quarterback, Jacory Harris, to scramble and run for his life throughout much of the game. Virginia Tech.’s suspect run defence came to life stiffling the Miami ground attack from the first series through the waning minutes of the competition.

It was a tough game to watch. The Hokies came out and knocked Miami down hard. A driving rainstorm only made matters worse for the Canes as it helped inhibit any resuscitation and comeback opportunities.

The Hurricanes will fall in the polls but should stay within the top 20. Miami still leads the ACC Coastal division with a 2-1 conference record. The real test will be if Miami can jump back from this humiliating defeat, regroup, and somehow match the visiting Sooners of Oklahoma this coming weekend.


What is the difference between Ole Miss and Bret Favre?

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25 September 2009


Bret Farve is still number four.


Stormtroopers 365 Photo Project from FLIKR

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23 September 2009



Very creative and funny. Great use of Tilt-Shift effects to create artificial depth of field.

+ Stormtroopers 365 on flikr

(via Kottke)


London to Brighton (2006) – Movie Review

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23 September 2009



London to Brighton takes us much further than the 60 some odd miles that separate these two cities. Far from the double decker bus tours and strolls along the river Thames, this film delivers us into a crime-ridden world in which those with power loom large over the weak.

We follow the exploits of two principle characters, both women (one a girl), who become intertwined amidst prostitution, have a conflict during the course of their work, and then go on the run – to Brighton. The film uses a Memento-esque device of flashing back periodically that increasingly provides glimpses of the much larger picture.

The acting was outstanding in this film, the story gripping. I recommend.


College Football Media Give Hurricanes Their Props

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23 September 2009



+ Watch the UM-Va.Tech preview on ESPN


Jeopardy TV Show Set Causes 1989 Prom Flashbacks

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22 September 2009



I’m all for cosmetic updates, but Jeopardy’s latest set make-over looks as if it was done by the same crew who decorated my Palmetto Sr. High School Prom in 1989. Bring on the Wayfarers, perms, and skinny ties. Oh yeah – all those seem to be coming back on their own.


Canes Crack Top 10 In Latest AP Football Poll

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20 September 2009



While there still exists a long road ahead of the University of Miami’s football team, certain satisfaction can be gained from what has been accomplished thus far during the 2009 NCAA Division 1 football season. Quality victories over then ranked 18 Florida State and 14th ranked Georgia Tech have vaulted The U into the 9th position in the AP’s latest rankings.

Not since week 15 of the 2005 season (December 2005), have the Miami Hurricanes enjoyed the respect that comes with a national top-ten ranking. To be honest, it seems like a lot longer than that. If feels like its been the better part of a decade since the Canes have legitimately been contenders on the national stage.

No matter the length of time concerning UM’s drought, those days are clearly behind us.

Jacory Harris is a QB stud. No if’s and’s or but’s about it. He posesses the poise of a top notch pro QB in only his second game of his second season. Miami’s receivers are real threats. Miami’s offensive line has managed to provide Harris and the running tandem of Cooper and James with enough time and holes respectively to set a foundation for varied and intelligent offensive play-sets.

The University of Miami will put their #9 national ranking on the line this coming Saturday when they travel to Blacksburg, VA to take on the Hokies of Virginia Tech.

It’s great to be a Miami Hurricane. It’s great to see the U be a threat once again on the national stage.

+ 2009 Miami Hurricanes Schedule


The Hamburger Taxonomy

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18 September 2009



The popular hamburger-centric blog, A Hamburger Today, breaks down the many burger varieties into some 10+ unique categories.

Mmmmm. Burgers.

Having looked through the various phyla, class and species, I have done a pretty good job in my 38 years of experiencing a lot of what is available in the burger universe. I’ve even managed to eat one of the burgers mentioned by name in the article – Dyer’s of Memphis, who’s claim to fame is that they deep fry their burgers in 60+ year old oil.

+ View AHT’s Hamburger Classifications


Dear College Football Universe, THE U IS BACK!

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18 September 2009



I used to enjoy the type of games I watched tonight. Back when the Canes were a perennial national powerhouse, I would relish in the lopsided victories against lesser opponents. But those games were typically against Syracuse or Rutgers or dare I say Temple?

Tonight’s win was different because it was the second win in a row in which the Miami Hurricanes managed to defeat a ranked opponent. Not only were these last two wins against more highly ranked and touted teams, they came against a bitter rival and a team in the form of the Yellow Jackets who ran over the Canes last year and knocked them out of ACC Championship contention.

Miami’s dreaded first four games all seem entirely winnable today. Jacory Harris and the new Miami offence are extremely impressive. They for the most part are able to move the ball at will. Something a Hurricane team has been unable to do for the better part of a decade. In addition, the defense looked speedy and sharp overall. With the exception of the first drive (in which GA.Tech was held to a field goal), Miami did a tremendous job in stopping the run.

And once again to clear up any confusion, Jacory Harris is the REAL DEAL.


Hurricanes Take On Georgia Tech Tonight

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17 September 2009



Georgia Tech ran over Miami last year. It was pathetic. Just when Miami showed a glimpse of its old self and cracked the top 25 last year, Georgia Tech ran for like 3000 yards and put those hopes to rest – until tonight.

After triumphing over arch rival Florida State on Labor Day, the Canes take on the 14th ranked Yellow Jackets tonight from Dolphin Stadium.

Will the Canes return to their schizophrenic ways of last year where we never knew which team would show up? I hope not. A solid win tonight could once and for all signify that the U is back. I’m really psyched to see if our run defense can contain GT’s buffalo herd of a backfield. I’m also psyched to watch Jacory some more – he showed such poise and coolness against FSU – I hope he’s able to maintain that through tonight’s game.

Go Canes and always remember… It’s all about the U.


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