Hi-Res Images from Mars Rover Now Arriving

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30 August 2012



More photos available at the MSL Curiosity mission website.


Red Bull F1 Car Takes A Lap Around Jersey & NYC

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30 August 2012


In anticipation of the June 2013 Formula One Grand Prix of America, team Red Bull created a nice little promo video of their spacecraft of an automobile taking a tour of New Jersey and New York City. While Formula One Racing may not be particularly popular stateside, I’ve ready that from a global perspective, it’s second only to soccer in terms of fans and reach. Long-time superstar of the sport Michael Schumacherr was once (and still may be?) one of the most recognized athletes in the world.

Despite its lack of popularity here in the U.S., plans are well underway to hold a race in the shadow of Lady Liberty herself. Leave it to Red Bull to create the prerequisite teaser video complete stunning angles, editing and audio. The vid takes the viewer along many of the streets and roadways to be used for the circuit including an awesome plunge under the Hudson through the Lincoln Tunnel!

And while I don’t follow open-wheeled racing, I do know this is a big deal for America and have to admit watching the Red Bull car rip through Jersey and around NYC got me psyched to watch the race – even some 10 months before the green flag.


NASA Rover Curiosity’s Decent to the Martian Surface – Video

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22 August 2012


Still pretty pumped about the recent landing of NASA’s rover on Mars. Some images have been coming back to earth and this is a compilation of a bunch of nice, clear photos taken from the underside of the rover. Way to go NASA. Way to go USA.


Awesome Final Lap – 2012 Watkins Glen

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15 August 2012


This lap is more reminiscent of a video game than a typical NASCAR race. Enjoy.


NASA Control Room Attire Comparison

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13 August 2012


I want to start this post off with a HUGE congrats to everyone that has helped put the U.S. at the forefront of space exploration. I’m talking about the from the ‘Right Stuff’ era men and their families all the way up to the present JPL folks who helped put Curiosity on Mars. You all do things and built stuff that amazes humanity and keeps us reaching further. Thank you.

New NASA doesn’t look as fun as Old NASA and I posit there is one main reason for this…lack of skinny ties.

C’mon NASA – let’s bring back some geek swagger and loose the beards, lame-ass polo shirts and dorky boom mikes and start looking the part of a team that does the incredible. I know you all actually do the incredible, but you can take a note from the NBA as of late in rocking the pro-geek attire a little more.


A Note To PJ


1 August 2012


Hi man –

I hope your soul is well and that you are at peace today and everyday.

Your friends and family miss your smile, your laugh, and your sense of humor.

There was a sparkle in your eye that just sorta made me laugh and smile back at you.

I always looked for you at your work hoping I could flash you a big []_[].

Today more than most days you’re helping lots of people remember that addiction is a killer.




NASA’s Latest Mars Rover – 7 Minutes of Terror – Video

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31 July 2012


I remember when the two smaller rovers made their trip and landed on Mars. I loved watching the videos and thinking about all the math that had to go into launching something from Earth and knowing exactly what time and where these robots were going to end up some 8 months later and millions of miles away.

I hope to watch this landing with my son Chance on August 5, 2012 at 10:30 PST.


Summer 2012 Photos

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18 July 2012


I know summer isn’t quite done yet but here are some of my favorite photos thus far.

Me & Maggie on the rez.

Mom & Laura in San Diego.

Getting my feet wet in the Pacific Ocean. I’ve now been in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans!

Church in La Jolla, CA

View of the Pacific Ocean from La Jolla, CA shopping district.

Me & Alice at the Cabbage Patch museum / hospital / freak show.

Alice & Chance with a few of the gems they found when grubbin’ for gems!

Me and a ‘nurse’ at the Cabbage Patch adoption center / hospital / freak show. She was rocking it and whispering to it. SCARY!

Chance about to slide down ‘Sliding Rock’ – Cashiers, NC

The SNAKE that chased me when I splashed water on it – Sliding Rock

Alice after sliding down Scaly Mountain, NC

Chance getting close to my stinky pit.

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Eating Salad With A Spoon Oddly Unsatisfying

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27 June 2012



I tried eating a salad today with a spoon. It wasn’t a very satisfying¬†experience. I suspect for some asian food eaters using a fork may bring about the same feeling. I also suspect that there is a very long german word that perfectly encapsulates this incongruity.

The salad was yummy. I picked it up from Corner Bakery Cafe** I ordered the chopped salad which is really chopped up well which got me thinking why bother with the fork, let’s just put it in a bowl and spoon it today. So that’s what I did. I ate my salad with a spoon.

I missed the hunt and peck and crunch exhilaration I typically get from a salad eating experience. I missed the sound of God’s succulent vegetable bounty being pierced with a sharp metal object. I missed the feel of the gentle resistance chicken will give before being impaled with the four prongs of my fork.

Instead, I found myself scooping and shoveling. I will not do this again for it was an errant path.

** sorry for lame flash link


Site Launch – Primos Hunting

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8 June 2012


A client of ours at @madgsocial pushed out a new version of their site this week. It’s really my first large-scale responsive web design project and I think we did a great job employing a dedicated ‘mobile-first’ strategy. It was fun working with a super-eager client team willing to push some boundaries in the digital realm and build for the future! To my knowledge, Primos.com is the only site in their category that has invested in reaching the fast-growing mobile audience.

Primos Hunting - Responsive Web Design


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