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17 April 2009



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Jackson Tea Party Held In Protest Of Taxes

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16 April 2009



I tend to keep my mouth shut on most things political, but yesterday’s fox-news inspired example of astroturfing is too much to pass up commenting on.

The idea, although laudable in principle, was not very well thought out. Basically you had Fox News pushing for individuals to protest excessive taxes and wasteful federal government spending by… Pause a beat… Spending wastefully on tea bags with which to protest. I suppose it was quite effective in how the event provided a centralized location for disgruntled republicans and forlorn conservatives to have a group whining session – sort of a cathartic emotional release. So from that angle, I see such venting sessions as positive for the greater American emotional wellbeing.

What disturbs me more than the Tea Party stunt is the real scaremongering going on via the FM airwaves here in Jackson, MS.

Anyone can unite others around anger. Its one of the easiest ways of eliciting emotion in others – play to anger, play to fear. Living in Mississippi, I hear the constant drone of fearmongering falsehoods –  the chief of which sounds something like “Obama is going to take your guns.”  I heard that very warning from SuperTalk 97.3 as I drove to work on election day back in November 2008. Such antics are baseless and are clearly intended to illicit fear in a mis-informed populace that frankly is looking for a fight with anything Federal. This is the station on which I heard callers phone in to lambast Trent Lott for being to liberal!

This morning I heard the same commentators rail against a Department of Homeland Security memo which alerted local governments to the chance of increased discontent and a possible upswing in right-wing extremest (paramilitary) action. Given our current economic mailaise and the historical precident of right-wing groups using economic dispair as an impetus to recruitment (1030’s Germany), I feel the alert probably is warranted. Not so says the SuperTalk 97.3 host;  claiming that because the Tea Party was held yesterday, DHS was referring about the peaceful individuals that attended those events across the country. Clearly the DHS memo concerns existing right-wing extremest groups, not the nacent Fox News supported astroturf movement.  The commentator’s message was that here was another example of the ‘Obama Regime’ attempting to disenfranchise ‘real Americans.’  I was told to watch out because Obama wants to take my guns and if I decided I wanted to talk about it, I would be labeled a right-wing extremest.

Mississippi: Washington is NOT looking to take your guns, and certainly isn’t worried about whether a conservative television station invents a raison de ‘etre for a few hundred forlorn individuals allowing them to express their anger and vent a little.


Somali Pirates Capture 4 Cargo Ships, 60 Crewmen

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14 April 2009



A rag-tag bunch of  Somali Pirates have openend up a potentially big can of whoopass in their seizure of four cargo vessles with some 60 seamen. As the hostage drama played itself out over the weekend, I was waiting for the moment when news came in that there had been a rescue by the SEALS. In my mind’s eye, it entailed the SEALS swimming covertly under the life raft, rising to the gunnels of the raft, and silently taking the pirates out one by one ala Jason Bourne or Jack Bauer.

This brings up a sticky predicament for the world’s most active trading nations for whom free and unfettered access to the seaways is essential. In particular, for America, I find it hard to believe that there CAN be any direct action taken on this front considering what happened in Somalia under Clinton.

Any multi-lateral solution will take years to implement and would require some extra-national judicial regime created in Kenya or similar regional state. Any unilateral power solution would require taking the battle onto Somalia proper – a place not even the most bragadocious brigadeer would choose to battle.

If interested in The Horn of Africa or East Africa in general, I recommend the outstanding reporting of New York Times columnist, Jeffrey Gettleman. Stephanie McCrummen from the Washington Post also does a good job of reporting on the region. (I often dream of being a foreign correspondent and returning back to East Africa to put my Swahili back into use).


Florida Marlins Reveal Secret To Early Success

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14 April 2009


Florida Marlins Secret Handshake

Pitcher Anibal Sanchez (L) and utility player Alfredo Amezaga (R) display the ultra-secret handshake that this author believes to be the secret to their early season success…

The Marlins (5-1) take on the Braves in what looks to be their first serious test of the season… The CSS sports network is notoriously fickle in sticking to their schedule so I can only hope I’ll have a chance to see the game. One thing in my favor is that the Atlanta Braves are the defacto MLB team of the south and Jackson, MS is the home of the AAA Braves affiliate, The Mississippi Braves.


Florida Marlins Top The NL East (and MLB)

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9 April 2009



It certainly helps that the Fish started with a series against the Washington Nationals. Pitching has been strong – obviously offence has been above average. Looking forward to seeing how the Marlins fair against the N.Y. Mets this coming weekend in Miami.


HP Mini Top View

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6 April 2009


HP Mini Top View


Marlins Loaded With Young Talent For 2009

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5 April 2009


Marlins rookie sensation, Cameron Maybin

The Florida Marlins start 2009 with the second youngest roster in the MLB. In particular I’m pretty psyched to watch how Cameron Maybin turns out. This will be his first year in the bigs stepping up from AA Carolina MudCats during the winter. He looks to have tons of speed and good OBP. Small ball may be back for the Marlins this year.


G20 Protest – What does this mean?

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2 April 2009


G20 - Pink Storm Trooper

This image is awesome. However, I’m not sure what it says. The pink may resemble socialism/communism or maybe its a gay rights statement? The Storm Trooper helmet may be a satire of supposed right-wing facist tendencies of nation-states? Does it matter really in the end what the statement is? Its a great image nonetheless.


Rudy The Cuban Gyno / Car Salesman

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1 April 2009



I Miss Miami & Windsurfing

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25 March 2009


Virginia Key - Miami, FL.

I sometimes listen to Miami sports talk radio at work – usually 790 the ticket. I heard the weather forecast for miami: Winds out of the NE, 21 kts, gusting to 27kts. High of 79F.


I’d so be bailing on work and heading down to Homestead Bayfront Park for some flatwater blasting across Biscayne Bay.

I miss being active in the windsurfing community. I miss having something besides work and love and sobriety that gets me going. Simply put, I miss the stoke.

I haven’t visited the South Florida Windurfing Association website (that I built a few years back) in over a year. I checked it out this morning and I saw lots of familiar faces smiling on the water.

That being said – I don’t miss the traffic, the chaos or the insanity down there. I have a great life here in Mississippi – just sometimes I miss getting wet. I don’t know the last time I spontaneously belted out an emphatic WHOOOO HOOOOOO! after hitting a gybe or doing a little chop-hop.

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