Terry Tate Office Linebacker Is Back!

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20 October 2008


Terry Tate – Office Linebacker how I have missed thee!

Welcome back buddy :-)



Rabbit Proof Fence – Movie Review

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19 October 2008


Set in Western Australia during the 1930’s, Rabbit Proof Fence tells the tale of three girls who were forcibly removed from their rural home, taken to government schools, and their eventual escape and return to their village over vast arid distances.

The movie opens the world up to many of the racial injustices perpetuated by the Australian government against their indigenous populations – something the U.S. can identify with. What was remarkable to me however was their forced ‘breeding’ program which sought to wipe-out mixed race people through proscribed marriage based upon external physical characteristics (skin color). I simply hadn’t known that sort of program was part of Australian history.

The acting is superb both by the children and by the white government officials. The movie took me back to how tough living in the ‘outback’ can be – especially in the 1930’s. Rent this one.


Canes Win Big Against Blue Devils

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19 October 2008


Freshman Jacory Harris eludes Duke defender

Already loosing 24-14 in the third quarter, the Canes score 35 unanswered points led by freshman quarterback Jacory Harris. This was a must win game for the Canes who are just a game back from .500 in the ACC, a conference with a host of 1 and 2 loss teams.

I was worried about this game as a loss would have been un-recoverable season-wise. The Miami Hurricanes now control their destiny, able to make the ACC title game in December through wins over their remaining ACC opponents. My real hope is that we stay in contention until my scheduled visit home to Miami for the Thursday, November 13th game against Va.Tech!!

Living in Mississippi, getting access to the Canes on TV can be a bit tricky on gameday. However, the internets afford me the ability to listen to WQAM and the CSS sports network does a good job in replaying all the Canes games and the Randy Shannon show on Tuesdays. So to some degree, Tuesday is gameday for me on many weeks.

Go Canes!


The U.S. of Grey

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12 October 2008



Canes Beat UCF to Reach .500

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12 October 2008


Ugly game apparently from the write-up. A W is a W however. Miami heads up to Durham, NC. to face the Duke Blue Devils next week. Being 0-2 in ACC play, a win against the perennially weak Blue Devils is imperative.

A loss would realistically be tatamount to giving up any hope for a bowl game for the second year in a row. I don’t know how one lobbies for a bowl bid with a loss to Duke on their schedule.

This program has been so dominant over the past 20 odd years, that you have to look back to a two year gap between their appearance in the Peach Bowl in 1980, and their first National Championship in the Orange Bowl in 1983 to find more than a single year not playing in a post-season bowl game.

Go Canes.


The Foot Fist Way: Movie Review

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12 October 2008


Danny R. McBride stars as Mr. Simmons, a martial arts instructor severely lacking in humility. As head of his strip-mall karate school, Mr. Simmons shows glimpes of what must have been an incredibly cruel childhood through his repeated bellitling of his students who despite his onslaught of venom continue to follow and admire him as their leader. It had a Bad Santa aura at times in how dark things would feel.


Images Lost


11 October 2008


During the upgrade of my wordpress software, I seemed to have inadvertently deleted all my media files including all images accompanying my posts.

Note to self:



Canes Rout Texas A&M

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21 September 2008


The University of Miami’s path back to national contendership took a solid step forward in a decided victory of the Aggies of Texas A&M of College Station, Texas. Freshman Quarterback Robert Marve (9) played extremely well, showing poise in the pocket and an inate ability to escape the rush. The defence continued their outstanding play and once again showed the speed of a Canes team of yesteryear.

Highlights from my perspective include:

  • Defensive speed
  • Ability of D to cause turnovers and score
  • Maturity shown by Robert Marve
  • Sense of teamwork and selfless play


First Foray Into The Delta

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21 September 2008


I awoke early Saturday morning a little on the restless side. Feeling the need to explore and seek out new and unfamiliar ground, I gassed up my 2008 Candy White VW Rabbit, checked the tires, and headed up Highway 51 towards Canton, MS. Along the way I stopped at the Madison, MS. Wal-Mart and picked up a GPS – a TomTom One 3rd edition for only $150. Getting it setup was a snap – took 2 minutes. I got back on 51 and made my way through Canton, MS. admiring this old town’s architectural charm.

From the Canton, MS. city center, I made my way West on Highway 22 – a relatively tame 2 lane affair. I’ve driven this stretch before, and the real fun on Highway 22 is from Flora to Edwards. I discontinued my way on Highway 22 at the junction with Highway 49 – a 4 lane state highway. I took Highway 49 North up the real gem of this trip – Mississippi Highway 233 from Bentonia, MS. to Satartia, MS.

12.1 Miles of driving bliss. The route passes through a heavily wooded belt that separates the Mississippi Delta flood plain from another agricultural area. Well maintained, the road twists through banked turns, modest hills and culminates in a rather steep grade down into the Mississippi Detla at Satartia, MS.  This is one of the best stretches of Mississippi country roads I’ve had a chance to drive and the Rabbit responde well. Speeds can be maintained safely in the 60-80MPG range over this stretch with plenty of downshift opportunities and upshift back to cruising speeds. Very fun.

After this stretch, I toured Satartia, MS. a little – not much to report as the town was still coming to life at 8:15am. I doubled back a bit to Mississippi Hwy 3 and headed north to Yazoo City, Mississippi. I love that name and ever since I moved to Mississippi a couple years ago, I’ve secretly wanted to visit. With wooded hills to my east, and a vast Mississippi flood plain to my left, I straddled levies and other agricultural irrigation formations as I blasted north. Very pretty. Looked as though most of the crops were soy beans although I’m no farmer. I traveled a bit north and I made it to the outskirts of Yazoo City. I reached HWY 16 and headed east along Broadway – a main thoroughfare of a predominantly African American part of town. Lots of shotgun looking shacks, boarded up businesses, quick-marts and the like. As I climbed up some hills east of town, I passed through a very pretty residential area complete with old oaks, fine examples of southern architecture, and well manicured gardens.

I hit Hwy 49 again, and took that straight south towards Jackson, MS stopping only to pick up some $3 aviator knock-offs at a Dollar General.

The Rabbit performed very well – loving each turn and responding well when coaxed around corners in the 3000-5000 rpm range. I really dig the little TomTom I got. That GPS device will help assuage any anxiety of getting lost, allowing me to really just hit the back roads and explore around rural Mississippi.


International Talk Like A Pirate Day

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19 September 2008


The Jolly Roger is one of the most recognizable flags in western society. Dave Barry, one of my favorite writers, gave creedence to International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Lots of pirate goodness at: http://www.talklikeapirate.com/


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