Time Warp – Discovery Channel

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2 September 2008


Came across a link to a youtube video today that showed how a dog really drinks water… Not what I expected. Slowing things down w/ super slow-mo yields very cool video.

Youtube video of Dog Drinking: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWlVbgCKjkk

Time Warp – Discovery Channel Website: http://dsc.discovery.com/tv/time-warp/time-warp.html


Movie Review: The Hidden Fortress

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2 September 2008


3.5 out of 5 stars

Akira Kurasawa – noted Japaneese director and well loved by movie afficionados. I was impressed by his brilliant cinematography – wonderful contrast in black and white. Great, timeless story. Apparently this film helped Lucas in creating the concept for Attack of the Clones – in particular telling the story from two of the lowliest characters.


Movie Review: To Catch A Thief

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2 September 2008


4 out of 5 stars

Carey Grant is too smooth. Grace kelly is too beautiful. They truly were paired well in this film – a personal favorite of mine. Grant and Kelly share witty banter. They epitomize cool and classic.


Canes Cross New Stadium Threshold

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29 August 2008


The University of Miami Hurricanes embark on a new era, playing their home opener in Dolphin Stadium. UM triumphed 52-7 in front of 48,119, a very respectable number given the Canes’ recent mediocrity in a fickle fan town and their opponents I-AA atheletic classification.

I spoke w/ my dad on my way home from work – he was on his way to the game. I wish I could have been there with him – going to UM football games is something we’ve done together since as early as I can remember. I recall going to games before I could even understand what was going on – my dad would grab my attention during kick-off’s and punts because i enjoyed watching the ball go so high and the teams run at eachother.

I’m planning on going down to Miami for a game this season and look forward to watching The U in their new home.


Adios Orange Bowl

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28 August 2008


Tonight marks the first time in more than 50+ years that the University of Miami football team will open their home season somewhere other than the illustrious and famed Orange Bowl. I had the opportunity to fly down and attend their last game in the OB w/ my dad. The ‘canes were blown out by the University of Virginia Cavaliers. I had a last OB dog – a last walk up and down the beer soaked walkways – a last buildup to the famous entrance through a tunnel of smoke as the team took the field. Dolphin stadium is antiseptic. The OB had flavor and grit and it literally shook and rattled when the crowd got amped.


The Miami 305’s Represent The U

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27 August 2008


What a draft!

The University of Miami Hurricanes are very well represented by my fantasy-football team, The Miami 305’s. I don’t know if picking all these former Canes will pay off in fantasy land, but it will certainly be fun keeping a close eye on these guys who once entered the hallowed tunnel in the Orange Bowl wearing the green, white and orange of the University of Miami.

In fact, the only 2 Canes I didn’t get were Jeremy Shockey and Willis McGahee. We might see if I can’t somehow weave them into the fold at some point during the season.

My team includes the following University of Miami players:

Frank Gore, Reggie Wayne, Andre Johnson, Kellen Winslow Jr. Santana Moss, Clinton Portis, Greg Olsen and Devin Hester. What a line-up!!!

I had an awesome time at the MadGENIUS Draft Party last night – I enjoyed parroting how the real NFL teams annouce their picks. “With the 9th pick of the 2008 Draft, The Miami 305’s select former University of Miami standout, Frank Gore.” It turned into a reoccuring theme – basically selecting anyone from The U and Miami Dolphins with the exception of Joey Herrington and Chad Smith of the Seattle Seahawks and Houston Texans respectively. Rounding out my pics last night were backup QB Chad Pennington of the ‘Phins and a personal favorite of mine… Ricky Williams, number 34 of the Miami Dolphins. Who would have thought a dolphins fan would get more use out of those #34 jerseys! Ha!

I’m going to have some fun figuring out maybe how to create a personal team-tracker and rss feed – something geeky to do with this whole fantasy football thing.

Crockett out.


The Miami 305’s Draft Night

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26 August 2008


My draft strategy? I’m sticking w/ the U – going to try and draft as many former UM players as possible and we’ll see how it goes. Should be fun and I’m in a pretty relaxed league so it will be a good learning experience…

Shawn Palmer, a graphic designer that works w/ me at MadGENIUS made me my logo. Its badass!


Obama – Biden Presidential Ticket

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24 August 2008


I have hope about my country’s future today.  I do not know if Obama will be able to create a new form of political machinery that can actually address the problems we face today. I do not know if Obama and Biden can once again place our relatively young country into an elevated stance of respected global hegemony. I do not know if anything will change.

I have hope however that change will happen and it will happen for the better of my fellow citizens and others around the world.


Movie Review: The Fog of War

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24 August 2008


4 of 5 stars

I’d heard of this film. I read about Errol Morris as an accomplished documentarian for a few years now. Under the windy rain of what was once tropical storm Fay, I made some pasta and sat down for an immerssive lesson on history, politics, war, and about a man who for better or worse helped steer the U.S.A. through some of the most harrowing times of our young country’s existence.

I particularly enjoyed the editing and film stylizations – the quick cuts over myriad statistical documents replete with facts, figures, charts, graphs – statistical enumeration of humanity through war, commerce, and once again war. Brilliant film.


Movie Review: Tropic Thunder

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24 August 2008


4.5 of 5

Two words: See it.

Robert Downey Jr. is so good in this role, i forget he’s an aussie playing an over-dramatic african american. Comedic brilliance all around.


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