Movie Review: Nowhere in Africa

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13 July 2008


Nowhere in Africa

4.5 of 5

I enjoyed this film immensely.

Set during the lead-up and during WWII, this film follows the lives of a Jewish family blessed with the prescience to emigrate from Hitler’s Germany to the then British colony of Kenya. Fantastic landscapes, brilliant authenticity and rich in character development, this is one of the best films set in Africa I have seen.

Such accurate portrayals of life in Africa always re-ignite my inner desire to someday return and experience anew the daily cultural saturation that took place for me.

Labda nitarudi siku tena. Maybe i will return someday.

I whole heartedly recommend renting this DVD.


Movie Review: Indiana Jones…

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11 July 2008


3 out of 5

A fine film. Solid summer movie. I was transported back to age 11 and loving Indy’s wonderlust and taste for adventure. Its worth a ticket or rental fee.

I’ve heard the detractors say he is too old and so-called movie-philes say they should have gone w/ another script (that’s why it took 20 years to make). Blah blah blah.

This movie was fun!

This movie is exciting!

This movie played the theme music to Indiana Jones which by itself gets me pumped up.


Weekend todo list (7/10)


11 July 2008


Weekend to do list includes:

figure out in-post image css and create appropriate left, center, right and none alignment styles.

test using pages ul to serve as global nav
used alternative – hard-coding gnav and pointing to pages I setup through wordpress.

test creating new template for mostly static page (i.e., about page)

publish some new content.


Weekend (6/28) ToDo List

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27 June 2008


Onepeggenius todo list for the weekend of 6/28/08.

Move ‘latest cotent’ to columnLeft, sub-right;

Modify ‘latest content’ to include 3 posts, sort by date;

Add ‘sub-topics’ cloud (tag-cloud) to enable incorporation of more granular browsing

Decide how to display photography – static, flickr rss, or picassa rss ??;

That should do it for this weekend…


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