Kiva Microfinance Visualization – How Millions Move Millions

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7 September 2011


From January 1, 2005 through this past June, Kiva has put some 620,000 lenders in touch with about 615,000 loan recipients. Loan repayments are estimated at just under 99%.

Intercontinental Ballistic Microfinance from Kiva Microfunds on Vimeo.

What a fantastic way of using technology to help people in lesser developed countries help themselves. There seems to be a major hub of loan distribution in East Africa!


In 1960’s America, Men Did Not Know How To Make Their Own Coffee

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6 September 2011


But they sure knew how to bitch about the coffee their wives made. Coffee jerks, all of ’em.


20 Years Ago Today The Miami Hurricanes Crushed The Arkansas Razorbacks

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31 August 2011


um-logo-newThe date was August 31, 1991. The place was Little Rock, Arkansas. It was Miami’s first game of the season – a season that would culminate in their fourth NCAA Div I football championship.

On the first play of the game, future Heisman Trophy winner, Gino Torretta, completed a bomb to fellow University of Miami Sports Hall of Fame member Horace Copeland for a 99 yard touchdown completion.

The video below includes that highlight, as well as some other moments from Torretta’s career. Skip to the :36 mark for the touchdown replay.


Hollywood Cliche’s As Infographics

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23 August 2011


New York International Latino Film Festival Poster

To promote the New York International Latino Film Festival, NYC ad agency Wing created a series of nice infographics covering some popular cliche’s.

See the full set at


What do Sanger CA, Chantilly VA and Linthicum Heights MD Have in Common?

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18 August 2011


Perplexing case. For some reason, Sanger CA, Chantilly VA, and Linthicum Heights MD have the highest traffic density for some of Google’s top search trends today. Not for specific keywords either – for seemingly unrelated, commonplace searches like:

  • used cars
  • the daily show
  • grocery stores
  • election news
  • post offices
  • fried chicken
  • malls
  • parks
  • city hall
  • dentists
  • dry cleaning
  • florists
  • used books

Something is going on.

These are all big-bucket search terms that are highly sought after and hardly ever searched for by themselves. There is no reason why these hamlets ( should be generating a spike in search traffic large enough to trip the Google Trends index.

I will report if I can get to the bottom of this…


It’s Time For Football

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13 August 2011


Chance DillardWhile we’re still experiencing triple digit heat advisories on a daily basis, the fact remains that Fall is upon us. And with fall comes football – at least in the Rubinoff house.


Chance is playing on his school’s 4th – 6th grade team. He’s 9 years old and is 5’1″ on a thick, sturdy frame. Coach has him playing left guard on the offensive line. He’s doing marvelously and most importantly is genuinely enjoying himself. I had fun helping him get all his equipment and it’s really cool to see a little attitude come out from behind his usually reserved demeanor. Chance is hoping to be able to play defense as well – again on the line.


Since I moved to Mississippi, I’ve found it difficult to keep up with the NFL team of my youth. I came of age watching the Dolphins SuperBowls and be viewed as an elite franchise. I was able to attend a ton of games growing up – Marino, The Killer B’s, Mark Duper and Mark Clayton – just to name some of the standouts in my mind. The Phins however are completely mediocre at this point. Their QB situation is laughable. To be honest, once Nick Saban quit and moved up to cushy Tuscaloosa, the team has never had a coach that could lead the team out of its doldrums.

To be honest – If I really wanted to stay on the pulse of Dolphins football I could. I miss the TV coverage here but everything’s available via the web now. I guess its more of a lack of interest that has caused my love for the team to wane. The same could be said for Pro Football in general. It’s simply not as exciting to me as the College game.


As my attention to the Dolphins has diminished, my interest in the Saints has grown. It’s purely a local thing – the Saints are the defacto team of Mississippi and they get all the talk radio, tv, and news buzz here in Jackson. The team fields a couple notable Hurricanes (Vilma & Graham) which give me The U connection as well.

Miami Hurricanes

The past year has been a tumultuous one for The U.  Loosing its AD (Kirby Hocutt to Texas Tech) and firing Randy Shannon left a void at the top. Miami brought in former Temple coach Al Golden who has tackled the job head on. He’s running a tight ship – letting prima donas go and purging the team of players who don’t buy in to his team first mentality.

Sports Illustrated has Miami as the second best team in the ACC Coastal conference with an 8-4 record. I think that’s an optimistic prediction.

There is still the lingering QB issue – Jacory Harris and Steven Morris are currently locked in a battle to see who will earn the starting spot. My hope is that we don’t end up with a QB as committee fiasco which never seems to work out.

Seantrell Henderson, the Sophomore monster O-Lineman (6-8, 345) that was making the move from right tackle to the all important left tackle position this year suffered a season ending back injury and was forced to undergo surgery. Early reports mentioned it may be career ending although the buzz now is that the surgery was successful and he will be able to play again.

Last year’s spark of hope, Storm Johnson, is no longer a Hurricane. Storm was one of Golden’s early dismissals. Didn’t seem to be a stand-up kid and Golden didn’t want him around. Interestingly, there are some whispers of Lamar Miller, the team’s clear #1 back, of having a chance to break  the 1,753 yard mark set by Willis McGahee.

The Hurricanes start things off against an apparetnly much improved Maryland Terapins team at College Park September 5th.

We will get our first taste of The U in roughly 23 days. I’m getting psyched because It’s All About The []_[]. Fails In Categorizing Their Own Vehicles

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19 July 2011



VW’s nifty mega-dropdown menu seemed to be mis-categorizing their CC as a Wagon, Minifan and SUV and placed the large SUV Taureg in the Convertibles section. Heads will roll.


The Publix Ultimate Sub – Haiku

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13 July 2011


logo_publixThree meats & Muenster
Spicy mustard in course loaf
My sandwich heaven


Call Data Sheds Light On Cross Border Connections

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12 July 2011


Calling Zones Map

Colored counties represent telephonic connected-ness.

What emerges are clear boundaries among mostly pairs of states.

  • Virginia & Maryland (Virginland)
  • The Carolinas
  • Tennessee & Kentucky (Tenntucky)
  • Arkansas & Oklahoma (Arkanhoma)
  • Alabama & Georgia (Alabeorgia)
  • Louisiana & Mississippi (Loisissippi)

I would be interested to see a more finite representation of Florida where I expect there would be a rather significant demarcation between the South Florida (Atlantic Coast) and the rest of the state. Another thing I’d like to know more about is overlaying this map with some ethnographic data showing how cultural similarities may be observed within these same divisions.

For more info on this project, please check out MIT’s Senseable Project website


Southern Sudan – Flag

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11 July 2011




Black represents the black African people of Southern Sudan. White represents Sudan peace for which many lives have been lost. Red represents the blood of the gallant freedom and justice fighters who have been lost in the many years of conflict. Green represents agricultural potential exemplified by the fertile soil and rich equatorial vegetation adorning the Southern Sudan countryside. Blue represents the River Nile, which is the main source of life not only in the Southern Sudan but also in the North and all the way to Egypt. The Star – represents unity of the states of Southern Sudan. The flag, therefore, signifies one nation of black Africans united in the struggle to perpetuate peace and prosperity for all the people of Southern Sudan.


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