Canes Bowl Bound On Dec 27th

Three post-season bowls eye The U for bids.

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2 December 2008


The Miami Hurricanes football team will be playing in a post-season bowl this year. In all likelihood it will be on Saturday, December 27th. Where however is something yet to be determined.

San Fransisco is one possible destination – playing a PAC-10 opponent in the Emerald Bowl. The other potential post-season appearance would be in the Meineke Car Care bowl held in Charlotte, N.C. That contest would pit The U against a Big East opponent. Still another option would be an in-state appearance at the Champs Sports bowl held in Orlando, FL. That contest would be against a Big Ten conference team – likely Iowa its said.

Go Canes!!!

+ Meineke Car Care Bowl Website

+ Champs Sports Bowl Website

+ Emerald Bowl Website


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