Dear College Football Universe, THE U IS BACK!

Sound win over #14 Georgia Tech signals a return to national caliber play for the Miami Hurricanes.

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18 September 2009



I used to enjoy the type of games I watched tonight. Back when the Canes were a perennial national powerhouse, I would relish in the lopsided victories against lesser opponents. But those games were typically against Syracuse or Rutgers or dare I say Temple?

Tonight’s win was different because it was the second win in a row in which the Miami Hurricanes managed to defeat a ranked opponent. Not only were these last two wins against more highly ranked and touted teams, they came against a bitter rival and a team in the form of the Yellow Jackets who ran over the Canes last year and knocked them out of ACC Championship contention.

Miami’s dreaded first four games all seem entirely winnable today. Jacory Harris and the new Miami offence are extremely impressive. They for the most part are able to move the ball at will. Something a Hurricane team has been unable to do for the better part of a decade. In addition, the defense looked speedy and sharp overall. With the exception of the first drive (in which GA.Tech was held to a field goal), Miami did a tremendous job in stopping the run.

And once again to clear up any confusion, Jacory Harris is the REAL DEAL.


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