ESPN’s 30 for 30 – The U – Review

The guys at have posted a review of the highly anticipated ESPN 30 for 30 show, The U.

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15 December 2009


I was sick this past weekend and didn’t have a chance to check the film I’ve been hyping w/ friends and family. The guys over at however, managed to attend the film’s premier in Miami and provide the following write up:

“Amongst the crowd, I saw members of the family who I had only seen in pictures or on television: Melvin Bratton, Tolbert Bain, and Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell, amongst others. I had a warm feeling in my heart before the film even rolled, because I knew I was with people who shared the same passion as me, people who are all about this ‘U.”

…Overall, I think fellow Miami Hurricane Billy Corben did a spectacular job and delivered a moving portrayal of the team we love. I had no doubt he would – it’s a “U” thing.”

Check out the full writeup at the Canespace Blog.


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