Florida Marlins Lie Two Games Back In NL Wild Card Race

The Florida Marlins continue to languish in national obscurity as while remaining playoff relevant.

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17 August 2009



The Florida Marlins took two of three from the NL Wild Card leading Colorado Rockies this past weekend – placing them just two games back of the Rockies and a full game and one half in front of the surging Atlanta Braves. This Florida Marlins team has potential. They carry themselves very similarly to the 2003 World Chamionchip team – a fun mix of veterans and youthful exuberance that by and large are this year’s surprise team.

Despite their current placement amongst the 30 MLB clubs – the team languishes in virtual obscurity. They seem to never be picked up by national telecasts, and god forbid they receive anything more than a spoken mention of their results on ESPN or FOX derivatives. Maybe the assumption is that they will fizzle away. They have a tendency to do that – remain part of the conversation until mid-September and then fade off. This year may turn out differently – no one ever picks the Fish to win late. They have a knack of winning a World Series every six years and 2009 marks another due date.


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