Florida Marlins Look To Tie Obscure Baseball Record

The Florida Marlins look to match a 14 game stretch with 10+ team hits per game, something no other MLB team has done since 1937.

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19 August 2009



The Florida Marlins have an opportunity to tie a record tonight held since 1937 when the Browns were a baseball team and they played in St. Louis. Not since that year has a MLB team managed to put together 10+ hits a game for more than 13 games. If you narrow your sample down to just National League teams, that number goes back another eight years when the New York Giants (of the Polo Grounds) did so in 1929 – the same year the NYSE crashed.

Statisticians seem hard pressed to explain this drought of teams putting together 10+ hit games. Maybe its just the up and down nature of baseball – the knowledge that with so many games one can expect to be shutout more than a few times a year. Whatever the reason – the fact remains that so very few teams have managed to get close to this feat. The 2009 Florida Marlins have destiny in their reach as they take on the Astros tonight in Houston, TX.


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