Florida Marlins Reveal Secret To Early Success

Eagle-eyed sleuth points to Marlins’ Secret Handshake

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14 April 2009


Florida Marlins Secret Handshake

Pitcher Anibal Sanchez (L) and utility player Alfredo Amezaga (R) display the ultra-secret handshake that this author believes to be the secret to their early season success…

The Marlins (5-1) take on the Braves in what looks to be their first serious test of the season… The CSS sports network is notoriously fickle in sticking to their schedule so I can only hope I’ll have a chance to see the game. One thing in my favor is that the Atlanta Braves are the defacto MLB team of the south and Jackson, MS is the home of the AAA Braves affiliate, The Mississippi Braves.


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