Hey Craig James – Why you gotta be such a d-bag?

Sports commentator Craig James only AP voter to not place the Hurricanes in the pre-season top 25. D-bag!

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26 August 2010


sebastian-the-ibisFirst off, this is pre-season stuff. So in the end it matters little. Secondly, The University of Miami Hurricanes are ranked 13th in every major pre-season poll. Not 24rd or 25th, 13th. That means that out of 25 teams, they’re pretty much right in the middle.

ABC broadcaster Craig James seems to be the only one who thinks the University of Miami isn’t worthy of a pre-season top-25 ranking.

The AP poll is comprised of the votes of some 60 individuals. 59 others gave rankings of between 5 and 19 to the Canes. Craig James is the only one to rank UM below 25.

This bring to the forefront three possible conclusions:

  1. Craig James is delusional
  2. Craig James is a d-bag
  3. Craig James is delusional and a d-bag

Go Canes! (t-minus 7 days and counting!!)


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