In Bid For New Stadium, Florida Marlins Sought Support From Powerful Demographic

The ‘I Dated Fidel Castro’ contingent brings the Marlins the political muscle needed for new ballpark.

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25 June 2009


Florida Marlins Supporters

Most people familiar with politics in the U.S. have witnessed the power that the tiny Cuban diaspora wields at some of the highest levels of government. I salute Jeffrey Loria and David Sampson, Owner and President for the Florida Marlins respectively, in their linking up with this uber-assertive political force in their bid to pass a hotly contested stadium vote. Not only were these two savvy marketers able to enlist the help of this powerful lobby, they managed to crack the inner circles of power and parlay the aid of the female septugenerian demographic – clearly the only one that could deliver.

More photos may be found at the Marlins New Ballpark website.

Go Fish!


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