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9 August 2008


nbcolympics.com video player

I awoke this morning for a call of nature – not uncommon these days. As I stumbled to the baƱo I remembered that much of the live competition to this year’s olympics occurs at night. This thought coupled with my knowledge that its Saturday and I have no pressing responsibilities urged me to fix a glass of OJ and sit down at my desk. Not one to miss a sports viewing opportunity – and an olympic one at that – I booted up and ventured over to http://nbcolympics.com.

Olympic Junkie Bliss ensued. Using the ‘control room’ interface, I was able to select from dozens of live, recorded, and edited competitions. Always one to follow the lesser known sports, I filled up my player w/ women’s sailing (usa in 2nd during this writing), women’s rowing, men’s judo, and capped it off with some women’s badmitton.

It is 3:05am local time. I have got my olympics fix for now. Off to bed for a few before the TV blitz starts later this morning.


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