Marlins OF Chris Coghlan Epic Meniscus Fail

Chris Coghlan, Florida Marlins left fielder, is placed on the 15 day DL following a face-pie incident.

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28 July 2010


Chris Coughlan Pie InjuryIn one of the most glaring FAILS in recent sports memory, upstart Marlins left fielder, Chris Coughlin, tore his meniscus while attempting to play a prank on game hero teammate, Wes Helms.

What’s really interesting is that this little stunt could actually have larger ramifications than a couple weeks on the DL – I hear today on local sports talk radio that Coghlan was being spoken about in trade talks with a number of teams. I’m not sure the Marlins were going to deal Coghlan, but it certainly won’t happen now…

+ MLB Video of the incident in question.

PS: MLB – why don’t you allow embedding of your vids?


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