Miami Hurricanes Fall to Cal Bears

Experienced Golden Bears team rushes to early lead, solid through the stretch.

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29 December 2008



The loss still hurts as I write this almost 48 hours after the game’s final whistle.

Miami outplayed Cal. Out passed them. Out hustled them. Miami couldn’t stop particular Cal player, Javid Best, who single handedly carved his way through the Miami D and carried his mediocre team to the Emerald Bowl championship.

After giving up two first quarter TD’s, and on the brink of being routed out of SanFran, the Canes battled back and were able to post some impressive drives before half-time. The game remained close throughout the third and fourth quarters as well with Miami jumping to a lead at one point. With 2 minutes and change, down 24 – 17, the Canes squandered prescious second after prescious second until those seconds dissapeared and victory was Cal’s.

Still a very successful season. Still building an impressive foundation for contention in another year.


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