Miami Marlins New Logo And Uniforms

I breakdown the Miami Marlins new logo, colors and uniforms.

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12 November 2011


The newly branded Miami Marlins held a press event last eve to usher in a new era for the franchise. When Major League Baseball granted South Florida the expansion team in 1993, there was a need to have it represent more than the greater Miami area . Consequently, the Marlins became the Florida Marlins much to chagrin of Miami natives like myself (305 – Made in Dade). Now with the move to a new stadium located on the hallowed ground where the Orange Bowl once stood, the leadership felt it was time to give Miami some props and rebrand the team.

Over the years, the Teal, Black and Grey of the Marlins grew on me. Once we got rid of the teal hats and sleeveless teal pinstriped jerseys, I was completely on board. I’m sad in a way to see the logo and brand go away. It earned 2 world series wins after all!

The Logo

Miami Marlins Logo

The Miami Marlins logo retains only a graphical mention of the actual Marlin. Gone is its gaping mouth, scale-like dorsal area, and curled tail. The new keeps the piercing bill however – although now it moves upward and onward and connotes speed and striking ability. The M clearly pulls from South Beach art deco themes – chiseled edifices, architectural outlines. The word mark too screams Miami Beach art deco – which to be honest is really one of Miami’s only lasting cultural icons. A city filled with transients from the world over needs an iconic anchor and its possible that by preserving and indelibly marking Miami with a globally recognized style, the design team behind the new Miami Marlins identity may be on to something.

The Colors


Gone is the Teal. In is a hot orange (Mandarin Red), yellow accents (Sundance), a deep Gulf Stream inspired blue (Diva Blue), steely grey, and deep deep grey (Licorice) that comes off as black to the eye.

The palette  SCREAMS Miami, Tropical, finesse, and excitement. It doesn’t scream; however, intimidation, power, or champion. I fear it may be too trendy and in time become synonymous with intransience should the franchise fail ultimately.

The Uniforms


The Miami Marlins have done away with pinstripes. A clean, white uniform with orange piping will be worn for home games. A solid grey version for away games. An orange jersey, orange cap and white pants with black piping will be worn on special dates and I assume the black jersey with white piping, black hat and white pants with black piping will be predominantly saved for Sunday home games which is my clear favorite of the bunch.

The Cap


I think the new Miami Marlins black cap will have a lot of buyers across the U.S. Not only Marlins fans – the bold M and piercing  bill along with hot colors will make this a top seller.


I consider myself a conservative when it comes to my taste in uniforms. Conservative from a standpoint that I like what I grew up with, not that uniforms only belong in red, royal blue, and green. For instance, I much prefer the old cartoon like Miami Dolphins logo over the mean one used today; I prefer the old Patriots and certainly Tampa Bay’s buccaneer over the modern iterations. And certainly I will miss the Florida Marlins Teal and Black. Despite my prediliction towards old-school team logos, I do like this new and exciting identity for the Miami Marlins.


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