New Canes Uniform – Nike Pro Combat Uniform For 2010

The Miami Hurricanes unveiled a new uniform which they intend to don in November vs. Virginia Tech.

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1 September 2010


canes new uniform for 2010

Nike unveiled the University of Miami’s new 2010 ‘Pro Combat’ uniform yesterday during an online press conference today. Donning a one-off uniform isn’t anything new to collegiate sports. What is new is a sports manufacturer creating a series of one-off uniforms with the sole purpose of garnering media attention. What Nike has done in the past year with the advent of the Pro Combat campaign is further entrench themselves as co-brands to each of the Pro Combat schools. With the help of some enthusiastic athletic department Guinea-pigs, Nike is able to try out some new technology / designs on a national stage with the ancillary benefit of each team having massive merchandising opportunities. Win win?

More photos are available on the Nike Pro Combat website.


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