NFL Quarterback Carson Palmer Pitches Long-er Smoked Sausages

The back story of how this ad made it to the world must be awesome.

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1 November 2009


carson-palmer-likes-it-long-er I would love to know the back story behind this banner ad i stumbled across this morning.

Just get it out
Having now worked in the advertising world for a little while, I understand that sometimes there comes a point where, despite internal protestations, the agency sighs with exasperation: “Just get it out.” Which means that the client in all likelihood saw hundreds of photos and somehow this one spoke to them and screamed success. In the end, the chosen photograph depicts NFL QB Carson Palmer about to deep throat a mustard covered phallus.

GO Long…er! ?
I know there had to be dozens of other headlines for this ad. This is the best they could do? Again, my gut tells me it came down to client interference or design by committee where things get so off-track that in the end, Go Long…er! was probably the best choice.

Carson, you need a new agent
I’m not very privy to how things work in the celebrity endorsement arena; however, I do know having worked in the NASCAR world a little that the athletes have plenty of stipulation baked into their contracts. Clearly, either Carson was pleased with his likeness about to suck down a nitrite infused phallus, or his people were impotent in modifying the outcome.


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