Red Bull F1 Car Takes A Lap Around Jersey & NYC

Global brand Red Bull helps build excitement for U.S. based F1 Race with stunning video.

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30 August 2012


In anticipation of the June 2013 Formula One Grand Prix of America, team Red Bull created a nice little promo video of their spacecraft of an automobile taking a tour of New Jersey and New York City. While Formula One Racing may not be particularly popular stateside, I’ve ready that from a global perspective, it’s second only to soccer in terms of fans and reach. Long-time superstar of the sport Michael Schumacherr was once (and still may be?) one of the most recognized athletes in the world.

Despite its lack of popularity here in the U.S., plans are well underway to hold a race in the shadow of Lady Liberty herself. Leave it to Red Bull to create the prerequisite teaser video complete stunning angles, editing and audio. The vid takes the viewer along many of the streets and roadways to be used for the circuit including an awesome plunge under the Hudson through the Lincoln Tunnel!

And while I don’t follow open-wheeled racing, I do know this is a big deal for America and have to admit watching the Red Bull car rip through Jersey and around NYC got me psyched to watch the race – even some 10 months before the green flag.


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