Take A Lap Around The Famous Nurburgring With Hans From BMW

Fantastic car racing video tough to find, but worth the effort

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1 April 2010



BMW has created a really cool online experience in promotion of the X5 SAV (Sport Activity Vehicle) which enables you to take a lap around Germany’s famed Nurburgring race track with BMW driver Hans at the wheel. The video makes for some breathtaking action as Hans adeptly pushes his BMW M3 around the track in record time. Most of all, I love the commentary from Hans in his delightful German accented English.

The only trouble with this video is that its hard to find. I came across it only by accident really as I started my voyage on the BMWOracle America’s Cup website enroute to pricing and building a BMW M5 on the BMWusa website which somehow got me to the BMW X5 Experience flash experience.

Here’s how to find and enjoy this awesome spectacle of in-car video and commentary bliss:

  1. Navigate to http://www.bmwusa.com/Standard/Content/Vehicles/2010/X5/X5SAVExplore.aspx
  2. Allow the flash to load and look towards the bottom left hand for a call out announcing “The Nurburgring Experience > Start Driving.” Click it.
  3. Again, look towards the bottom left corner of the content area, and click on the call out that reads “Get inside the vehicle and on the track > Explore every turn.” Click it.
  4. A map will be displayed showing highlighted corners on the track. Ignore it. Instead, about mid-way down the left hand copy block is a link that reads “Take a full lap with commentary.” Click it.
  5. Your map will be replaced with a video that resembles the photo above.
  6. Enjoy as Hans takes you for a ride on the famous Nurburgring track hitting speeds of around 170mph while nonchalantly commenting on braking, apexes, and shift points.

User Experience Side Note:
WTF BMW? Why bury such an engaging and entertaining experience deep within a crappy flash movie? No way to share this thing easily. Boo, Hiss.


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