The Miami 305’s Fall In Monday Night Shootout

Verde’s Vampires reach victory with the help of Dallas’ potent offense.

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16 September 2008


Going into Monday Night Football’s Philly at Dallas matchup, the rookie Miami 305’s held a tenuous 17 point lead over the seasoned Vampires led by veteran coach, Daniel Green. The Vampires exploded Monday night for some 31 points mostly on the back of running back Felix Jones.

“Its a tough loss – one I don’t think this team will forget anytime soon,” remarked 305’s coach Rob Rubinoff. “This game is played for four full quarters. Not three, not even 3 and a half. Four. I’ve got to hand it to coach Green and his Vampires. They played their hearts out till the bitter end.”

The Miami 305’s hopes for a low scoring, defensive battle were blown to smithereens in what many are calling one of Monday Night Football’s best contests ever. “We certainly were hoping for an old-school NFC East game. Neither defense seemed capable of containing the other. I had a hunch by half-time our chances for a victory were few if any.” Rubinoff said.

“I put this loss on my shoulders. I made some panicked personnel decisions in the closing hours before kick-off this week. Ted Ginn Jr? Someone should drug-test me on that one. Zero. Ted Ginn Jr.? Man that was dumb!.” Quipped the first-year coach from Miami, FL. “Hurricane Ike sorta had me in a tizzy and rather than relying on my gut, I felt I had an opportunity there. Oh and another thing. Hasselbeck – you suck. You suckĀ  and so does your mousy wife.” remarked Rubinoff before slamming shut his playbook and heading for the showers.

Alas next week brings hope to The Miami 305’s as they set their sights on Rick Moore and his Stinky Stinky’s.


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