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Draft night brings former Canes to The Miami 305’s.

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27 August 2008


What a draft!

The University of Miami Hurricanes are very well represented by my fantasy-football team, The Miami 305’s. I don’t know if picking all these former Canes will pay off in fantasy land, but it will certainly be fun keeping a close eye on these guys who once entered the hallowed tunnel in the Orange Bowl wearing the green, white and orange of the University of Miami.

In fact, the only 2 Canes I didn’t get were Jeremy Shockey and Willis McGahee. We might see if I can’t somehow weave them into the fold at some point during the season.

My team includes the following University of Miami players:

Frank Gore, Reggie Wayne, Andre Johnson, Kellen Winslow Jr. Santana Moss, Clinton Portis, Greg Olsen and Devin Hester. What a line-up!!!

I had an awesome time at the MadGENIUS Draft Party last night – I enjoyed parroting how the real NFL teams annouce their picks. “With the 9th pick of the 2008 Draft, The Miami 305’s select former University of Miami standout, Frank Gore.” It turned into a reoccuring theme – basically selecting anyone from The U and Miami Dolphins with the exception of Joey Herrington and Chad Smith of the Seattle Seahawks and Houston Texans respectively. Rounding out my pics last night were backup QB Chad Pennington of the ‘Phins and a personal favorite of mine… Ricky Williams, number 34 of the Miami Dolphins. Who would have thought a dolphins fan would get more use out of those #34 jerseys! Ha!

I’m going to have some fun figuring out maybe how to create a personal team-tracker and rss feed – something geeky to do with this whole fantasy football thing.

Crockett out.


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