The Miami 305’s Set To Tackle Verde’s Vampires

Week two projections and insights from The Miami 305’s director of player personnel.

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14 September 2008


I had to make some last minute roster changes to account for the bye week imposed on Andre Johnson by Hurricane Ike. Houston’s Reliant Stadium took a beating during Friday night’s storm, and the game has been postponed until November. I snagged Ted Ginn Jr., of the Miami Dolphins, and placed him on my starting roster. Its a risky play – but one I hope will provide me with at least 7 points.

Another unknown is the QB position – I have Hasselback, Pennington, and Buffalo’s Trent Edwards (who I picked up to play specifically during week 4 when both of my other QB’s have scheduled bye weeks). Matt Ryan of the ATL is also available. There seems to be some sentiment that last week’s modest point output by Ryan is a fluke. I plan to make a decision this week and drop one of these QB’s and possibly pick up another RB or WR.

The U is still very well represented – with over half of my starting line-up consisting of former University of Miami Hurricane players including: Frank Gore, Reggie Wayne, Santana Moss, Kellen Winslow Jr, and Edgerrin James. Again, my projected points are spread very well among all players – this strategy payed off last week as I’m not relying on a 30 point game by an individual to bring victory. Solid, rather unremarkable, yet completely realistic play across the board should make The Miami 305’s 2 and 0 by Tuesday morning…


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