The Miami 305’s Square Up Against Team Beefcake

ESPN pre-game prognostication favors the 305’s.

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2 November 2008


Sitting in the middle of the MadEYE Fantasy Football standings going into week 9 play, The Miami 305’s have made some interesting moves with their player personnel to help bring victory against Team BEEFCAKE.

In particular, watch for former University of Miami standout Devin Hester in the flex position. After a bye week in which Chicago Bear insiders have reported renewed efforts to provide Hester more scoring opportunities, he takes over the flex position in place of another University of Miami WR, Santana Moss. Moss, who broke loose for an 80 yard TD reception last week, and a season high 27 fantasy points, is listed as questionable due to a nagging hammy.

At QB, The Miami 305’s seek to capitalize on Chad Pennington’s remarkable resurgance through the miracle of the “Wildcat” offence implemented at the NFL level for the first time this year by the Miami Dolphins. Watch for a fully of points against the Denver Broncos, one of the NFL’s more lacking secondaries.

The Miami 305’s will start 5 former University of Miami players this week.


Getting my ass kicked.




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