UM Coach Randy Shannon Leads BCS Coaches In Academic Benchmark

University of Miami football coach, Randy Shannon, is helping to create notoriety for UM in the classroom and on the field.

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11 August 2010


randy-shannonWhen you think of the University of Miami, you may think of ‘Sun-Tan U’, notorious athletes,  or maybe for prowess on the field of play. What you probably don’t think of is academic excellence by its student atheletes.

Head football coach Randy Shannon is helping to change that stereotype and is doing so on a grand stage.

The Center for Research on Sport in Society, a Northeastern University think tank, has released its Academic Progress Report (APR) and lo and behold, UM coach Randy Shannon leads all BCS schools! The APR is a statistic that the research foundation setup to help institutions measure how well they are doing at motivating and achieving graduation success for student athletes.

This is credit to our student-athletes and the support staff in our academic area,” Shannon said. “Academic success is important to the players on this team, and they are receiving the credit they have worked so hard for.

This is the sort of stuff that makes me Proud To Be A Miami Hurricane.

Read the full press release.


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