Week One: Miami 305 vs. El Pollo Diablo

Early jitters give way to excitement as MadGENIUS Inc fantasy football league begins.

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7 September 2008


OK – I admit it. Despite my pre-league jitters in having never played fantasy football, I am psyched and excited for today’s matchup against my boss, Rob Bridges and his El Pollo Diablo team. On paper projection from ESPN.com, I am favored by 19. Rob was talking some major smack on friday morning at work – letting me know he was going to let me win just like he lets his 5 year old win at checkers. Ouch! That has some sting in it!

We shall see who claims victory by monday night’s end…

UPDATE: At the end of the 2nd quarter of the sunday afternoon games, I am up 70-56. Ricky Williams huge disappointment w/ 3 points. Jay Pennington big surprise w/ 21 points on my bench to Hasselback’s 11. Bucs hold for 14 pts on D. Frank Gore is tearing it up in the 1st half. Already w/ 16 pts. This is fun.


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