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Mississippi Leads U.S. in Teen Pregnancy Rate

Southern states rate highest in Teen Pregnancy, with Mississippi leading the pack.

Kiva Microfinance Visualization – How Millions Move Millions

Kiva, a leading Microfinance organization, recently published a video which depicts the sum total of their loans and repayments overlayed upon a map of the globe.

In 1960’s America, Men Did Not Know How To Make Their Own Coffee

Video of 1960’s coffee ads in which the men are real jerks.

Call Data Sheds Light On Cross Border Connections

IBM & MIT worked together to analyze AT&T calling patterns and what emerged were pockets of telephonic connected-ness that often span traditional U.S. State boundaries.

Maps Of Africa – A Visual History

BBC launches an online feature concerning African Maps. Excellent resource.

Low Tech Light For The Developing World

A Brazilian inventor has created a low-tech solution to indoor lighting.

A Prophet (2009) – Movie Review

A Prophet is a great film that peers into the ethnic rivalries in the modern day French underworld.

U.S. Dollar Rede$ign Project

Creative community project seeks to add new life to the old greenback.

Mongol (2007): Movie Review

Biopic of a formative Genghis Khan entertaining and insightful.

Image: Homo Habilis to Homo Sapiens Sapiens

Image = NSFEP (Not Safe For Evolution Phobic)