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The University of Miami Unveils New Visual Identity, Website

The U now reigns supreme as the central icon for the University of Miami.

IKEA Switches To Verdana

Design-friendly IKEA selects a web-centric font for their global brand identity.

I loves me a jQuery based expandable navigation area! makes fine use of jQuery in providing users with 1-click breadth of site options.

2016 Olympic Logos

Chicago, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, and Tokyo face off in a logo design showdown.

The Case For Brand Perseverance

Some brands are ever tweaking themselves to be more relevant to their audiences and some keep things the same.

Miami Based Airline Logos & Collateral

Logos of Air Florida, Eastern Airlines, National Airlines, and Pan Am

Greenback Art

Collages made from US Dollars.

2012 London Olympic Summer Games Posters

Clean, monochromatic forms evoke the movement of sport

U.S. Dollar Rede$ign Project

Creative community project seeks to add new life to the old greenback.

HP Launches Self-Publishing Magazine Website

Similar to print-on-demand book services – yet for glossy magazines



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