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Mississippi Leads U.S. in Teen Pregnancy Rate

Southern states rate highest in Teen Pregnancy, with Mississippi leading the pack.

Columbia House Continues to Serve as Country’s Prime Poor Financial Decision Making Tool

Columbia House is still peddling the same business model – only now with DVD’s. Despite the rising cliff of market-force opposition to their model, they still cling to the same pitch. Get 3 DVD’s for only $2.99 and then, be on the hook for a new DVD each month for the exorbitant sum of around $25. I wonder how many other kids learned from a Columbia House experience?

Kiva Microfinance Visualization – How Millions Move Millions

Kiva, a leading Microfinance organization, recently published a video which depicts the sum total of their loans and repayments overlayed upon a map of the globe.

This Guy Really Hates Pennies!

Apparently it costs $.017 to create the $.01 penny. Some $70 million goes towards subsidizing the existence of this coin each year.

U.S. Unemployment Visualization: Jan 2007 – Sept 2009

A stark visual interpretation of how unemployment swept the U.S. during the past couple years.

Consumerism Affects Us All Negatively

Consumerist culture has negative effects across the globe.

G20 Protest – What does this mean?

A pink-suited and helmeted Storm Trooper faces off against British Police.