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I’m Now Google Analytics Qualified!

I recently passed the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) exam with a 91%.

Google Taking On Facebook’s Open Graph With What It Calls The Knowledge Graph

Google is not about to let Facebook gain the upperhand when it comes to providing contextualized data and the Knowledge Graph is their secret weapon.

Google Features My Quote On Google Apps for Business Marketing Site

Google is using a quote of mine to help market Google Apps for businesses.

Mining Near Earth Asteroids For Precious Resources

Dream team of technological visionaries sets its sights on mining near-earth asteroids.

What do Sanger CA, Chantilly VA and Linthicum Heights MD Have in Common?

I came across a suspicious trend while looking at some of Google’s hot searches and wonder who or what may be the culprit.

Google Points Map Tech Towards The Human Body

Google Body uses cutting edge web technologies in providing a marvelous view of human anatomy.

I Was Interviewed By Google For This Article

Google is doing a marketing push for Google Apps in which they highlight a single company from each of the 50 states. Mad Genius, my employer, was featured for Mississippi. They called a couple weeks ago and interviewed me and a co-worker about our move to Google Apps from microsoft based email/calendar/groupware prouducts and low […]

Google Street View Exposes Friendship Opportunities At My Honeymoon Destination

Looks like I’m going to have the opportunity to make some new friends in Mexico!

Google Drops Their Phone On The Universe

The Google Nexus One is a device to be reckoned with.

Google To Introduce Browser Based OS In 2010

Leveraging off the cloud, Google Chrome OS will cater to the ubiquitously connected crowd.