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Naps looking to have a banner year in 2010.

A look at my personal napping trends for 2010 thus far.

Vader At Yalta

Darth Vader played an important role when the Allies met to discuss strategy at the Yalta Conference.

Super Monkey Knife Fight

Popular comic book characters watch two super monkeys go at it with knives.

Meat Hand Looks Yummy!

Meat Hand: A truly gruesome Halloween concoction sure to satisfy tastebuds.

NFL Quarterback Carson Palmer Pitches Long-er Smoked Sausages

The back story of how this ad made it to the world must be awesome.

The Colors of National Flags

Shahee Ilyas, a new media designer, has created an info graphic that demonstrates the colors used in national flags for some 200 countries. Also included in the work are a series of individual graphics for each of the sampled countries. View the Flags by Colours project

50 Years of Space Exploration – Infographic

Beautiful infographic showing a history of space exploration.

My Mississippi Dream Home – Annotated

Someday if I work hard enough, I may just be able to own this rendering of my Mississippi dream home.

Andre The Cage

Humorous photoshop image superimposing Nicholas Cage’s mug on none other than Andre The Giant.



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