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Why Is Kenya Being Such an International Relations Badass Lately?

Kenya recently launched a cross border invasion to expel Al-Shabab fighters from the lawlessness of southern Somalia. This along with other actions are interesting for a country typically concerned with issues in its own borders.

Southern Sudan – Flag

July 9, 2011 brought with it the dawn of a new nation – Southern Sudan. Learn about its new flag and its sybolism.

Ultimate Under Construction Page: The Egyptian Presidency

The world is looking forward to your new design and deployment.

Will Hunting Was Pretty Darn Close To Being Right

Good Will Hunting’s (1997) prescient prognostication of toeay’s global affairs.

Global Development Aid Flows – InfoViz

Graphic intelligently displays top five and top aid donors and top 20 aid recipients for 2009.

The Colors of National Flags

Shahee Ilyas, a new media designer, has created an info graphic that demonstrates the colors used in national flags for some 200 countries. Also included in the work are a series of individual graphics for each of the sampled countries. View the Flags by Colours project

Best Fourth Of July Party Idea Ever

Celebrate America’s birthday in style at your next Fourth of July party!

Swine Flu Cops on Chinese Tarmac

Somewhat creepy image a high school friend posted on facebook.

Somali Pirates Capture 4 Cargo Ships, 60 Crewmen

Clear act of defiance and retribution for Navy SEALS’ rescue of American hostage.

Osama Bin Laden Location Theorized

Using multiple variant analysis, U.S. Academics hone in on probable location of Osama Bin Laden.