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Mississippi Leads U.S. in Teen Pregnancy Rate

Southern states rate highest in Teen Pregnancy, with Mississippi leading the pack.

Call Data Sheds Light On Cross Border Connections

IBM & MIT worked together to analyze AT&T calling patterns and what emerged were pockets of telephonic connected-ness that often span traditional U.S. State boundaries.

Dear Representative Tom Marino (R) Pennsylvania, You’re an idiot.

Republican Congressman let’s the world know he has no business being on the Foreign Affairs committee.

Maps Of Africa – A Visual History

BBC launches an online feature concerning African Maps. Excellent resource.

Map of U.S. World Cup Preliminary Match Sites

The U.S. national soccer team will be playing matches in Rustenburg, Johannesburg, and Tshwane/Pretoria against England, Slovenia and Algeria Respectively.

Global Development Aid Flows – InfoViz

Graphic intelligently displays top five and top aid donors and top 20 aid recipients for 2009.

Zip Code Scribble Map of The United States of America

The map above connects each and every U.S. Zip (Postal) Code by line. From:

Baseball Infographics At Flip Flop Fly Ball

Craig Robinson, an illustrator extraordinaire, has created a series of wonderful baseball centric infographics for our viewing pleasure.

Osama Bin Laden Location Theorized

Using multiple variant analysis, U.S. Academics hone in on probable location of Osama Bin Laden.

Update: New Travel Section

New section on details past travel and travel wishlist



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