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Columbia House Continues to Serve as Country’s Prime Poor Financial Decision Making Tool

Columbia House is still peddling the same business model – only now with DVD’s. Despite the rising cliff of market-force opposition to their model, they still cling to the same pitch. Get 3 DVD’s for only $2.99 and then, be on the hook for a new DVD each month for the exorbitant sum of around $25. I wonder how many other kids learned from a Columbia House experience?

A Guide To 1980’s Sax Solos In Popular Music

The Sax Solo can turn musical crap into musical gold.

Usher Copies Homer Simpson

Mega pop star, Usher, seems to have found some peculiar inspiration for a song from none other than Homer Simpson.

Reggae Legend Gregory Isaacs Crosses Over The River Jordan

Reggae crooner Gregory Isaacs dead at 59.

Move Over Daddy Yankee – Adriansito (AKA Mini Daddy) Es En La Casa!

Reggaeton world put on notice – a child prodigy is in our midst.