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Space Camp Video – Chance On The Moon Walk Simulator

Chance takes a ride on the moon walk simulator at Space Camp!

Space Camp or Bust!

Rob Rubinoff, Alice Rubinoff, and Chance Dillard are heading to Space Camp!!

Take a 25 Minute Video Tour of Space Station

NASA Space Station Commander Sunita WIlliams hosts a sweet 25 minute video tour.

Hi-Res Images from Mars Rover Now Arriving

Out of this world doesn’t begin to give these images justice.

NASA Rover Curiosity’s Decent to the Martian Surface – Video

Video shows rover touchdown on Mars.

NASA Control Room Attire Comparison

NASA’s control room attire has gone from geek-cool to just plain lame.

NASA’s Latest Mars Rover – 7 Minutes of Terror – Video

Great video from NASA about the seven minutes of terror – the time between entering the Martian atmosphere and landing.

Space Shuttle Cockpit Boggles The Mind

The Space Shuttle’s cockpit is so crammed with screens, buttons and gauges that it overwhelms ordinary man.

Space Shuttle Discovery Launch Seen From Airplane

A lucky airline passenger takes video of the final Space Shuttle launch from 30,000 feet.

50 Years of Space Exploration – Infographic

Beautiful infographic showing a history of space exploration.



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