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Dear Representative Tom Marino (R) Pennsylvania, You’re an idiot.

Republican Congressman let’s the world know he has no business being on the Foreign Affairs committee.

Dear Mississippi, When It Comes To Weather, You Need To Grow A Pair

Short rant concerning Mississippi’s proclivity to shut down at the first sight of a flurry.

U.S. Tax Cuts – A Visualization

There’s been a lot of talk in political circles concerning the¬†extension¬†of the Bush era tax cuts. I’m not going to get into the fudging of semantics on the issue where one side calls a repeal of a tax cut a tax increase and vice versa (petty political bull). I do however wish to present this […]

NYC Approves Cordoba Initiative – Bloomberg Affirms Core American Values

The hallowed Ground Zero space will be home to Islamic cultural center

Campaign Against Cordoba Initiative Exposes Xenophobia In Tea Party Elites

Pervasive fear-mongering employed in an attempt to curb cultural reconciliation and tolerance with Islam.

More Fuzzy Math By Fox News

Fox News distorts data in support of their editorial assertions.

Fuzzy Math At Fox

Fox Chicago statisticians clearly need to learn more about data visualization.

Gun Show Undercover: Exposing Glaring Loopholes In Federal Gun Laws

A recent undercover investigation by the City of New York documents the numerous ways that ‘Gun Shows’ provide a means for individuals to purchase and obtain firearms without pre-requisite background checks. After watching the video, I recommend taking a look at the project’s website, which includes a full write-up as well as almost a dozen […]

Ronald Reagan Proclaims June 25 National Catfish Day

Former President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, may be famous for telling Mr. Gorbachev to “tear down this wall,” but people in Mississippi think he’s more famous for starting National Catfish Day.

Arlen Specter – Democratic Senator, Comedian

Video of Democratic Senator Arlen Specter quite funny.



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