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Getting Started with Android Studio on Windows 7 – A Guide For Complete Newbs

Dev guides often overlook the fact that you can’t even install the prerequisites. This will get you to first base in using the new Android Studio on Windows 7.

Microwaves Have Too Many Buttons

In attempting to provide enhanced features, Microwave manufacturers have made their products overly complex.

Google Taking On Facebook’s Open Graph With What It Calls The Knowledge Graph

Google is not about to let Facebook gain the upperhand when it comes to providing contextualized data and the Knowledge Graph is their secret weapon.

Klout Thinks I’m Influential Concerning Brett Favre

Online influence measurement tool Klout has a poor idea of what I’m influential about.

Mining Near Earth Asteroids For Precious Resources

Dream team of technological visionaries sets its sights on mining near-earth asteroids.

Call Data Sheds Light On Cross Border Connections

IBM & MIT worked together to analyze AT&T calling patterns and what emerged were pockets of telephonic connected-ness that often span traditional U.S. State boundaries.

Will My Son Ever Understand The Important Link Between These Two Objects?

Lifehacking solutions of a bye-gone era.

Flip Video: From Gadget Darling To Obsolescence In Two Years

Was the Flip Video a fad or are consumers just moving at warp speed?

Google Points Map Tech Towards The Human Body

Google Body uses cutting edge web technologies in providing a marvelous view of human anatomy.



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