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How Many iPhone Developers Does It Take To Build A Clock?

The iPhone still has issues with automated time changes.

Low Tech Light For The Developing World

A Brazilian inventor has created a low-tech solution to indoor lighting.


CSI is renowned for making shit up.

God Could Solve Rubik’s Cube In 20 Moves Or Less

Computers help researchers solve the popular 80’s puzzle game in 20 moves or less.

Wireless Charging – A Technology No One Really Needs

The Powermat Wirelesss Charging System is probably something no one needs.

Google Drops Their Phone On The Universe

The Google Nexus One is a device to be reckoned with.

Adobe Labs Teases Universe With Content Aware Fills

New Photoshop feature amazingly creates realistic photo backgrounds

The University of Miami Unveils New Visual Identity, Website

The U now reigns supreme as the central icon for the University of Miami.

Dear New HP Mini,

Several desperate weeks after being burgled, I once again have an HP Mini netbook in my life.

Funny Re-Captcha

Mrs Schmuck asks me to type her name to signify I am a real person.



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