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The Internet’s View Of Rob Rubinoff

MIT wizards have created an app that scans and categorizes internet data about an individual and then plots it out into a combined bar graph.

Adios HP Mini, Spare Change, & $4 Dollar General Aviator Sunglasses

A recent theft has brought into question my slide into not habitually locking my car.

An Open Letter To Hewlett-Packard Corporation

I bought your HP Mini netbook under the assumption I would be able to connect it to a monitor for presentation purposes.

Apollo 11 Control Panel Diagram

A technical schematic used to map the Apollo 11 CM (Command Module) control panel.

Google To Introduce Browser Based OS In 2010

Leveraging off the cloud, Google Chrome OS will cater to the ubiquitously connected crowd.

Typekit Project May Revolutionize Web Typography

Advances in web browsers point to a horizon full of typographic posibilities.

HP Launches Self-Publishing Magazine Website

Similar to print-on-demand book services – yet for glossy magazines

A Note To PBS Video (beta)

RE: Your new video website

IBM Creating Jeopardy-Playing Computer

Computer to be capable of competing against human opponents.

HP Mini Top View

I find the design of this netbook quite appealing.



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