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ABC’s Work-It A Bosom Buddies Rip-Off

ABC regurgitates 80’s sitcom for Fall 2011 lineup.

German TV News Prefers Star Trek Over Navy Seals

N24, a German news channel, inadvertently broadcast a Star Trek fanboy logo instead of the real Seal Team Six logo.

Jabba The Hutt Parks & Recreation Spoof

Parks & Recreation spoof video.


CSI is renowned for making shit up.

Mad Men Floor Plan

A to-scale set of drawings of AMC’s Mad Men office location.

Fan of Mad Men? Love Boston? I’ve Got The Videos For You!

Funny Or Die’s irreverent take on the AMC show, Mad Men.

The Price Is Right Hacked By Game Junkie

Former TV weatherman divulges the not-so-hidden patterns and wins big.

Jeopardy TV Show Set Causes 1989 Prom Flashbacks

Jeopardy set designers could have been at my prom.

Whale Wars = Inept Vegans On A Boat

Animal Planet’s series frustrates yet pulls me back for more.

Puppy Bowl V

This is one SuperBowl tradition I am beginning to enjoy.



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