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Microwaves Have Too Many Buttons

In attempting to provide enhanced features, Microwave manufacturers have made their products overly complex.

Old Sitepoint Article Referenced on FatDux

A belated thanks to the folks at FatDux for mentioning my article.

Over is Right – Under is Wrong. End of Discussion.

In the age old debate on how to place the TP on the TP holder, Over wins.

IE9 Download Fail – The Sequel

Further attempts to download IE9 have been thwarted.

IE9 Promo Page Fail

Microsoft’s IE9 Beta download page breaks when viewing in older IE products.

Their UX Team Created This Audience Pathway Just For Us!

Snarky look at how silly I can be.

I loves me a jQuery based expandable navigation area! makes fine use of jQuery in providing users with 1-click breadth of site options.

Lazy Registration Is What’s Up People!

A compelling UI design pattern puts off asking individuals for personal information until the last possible moment.