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My Dog Would Totally Do This If I Could Actually Take Her Out In Public Without Fear Of Her Having A Jack Russel Heart Attack

Dog repeatedly attempts to coax statue into throwing stick.

Flip Video: From Gadget Darling To Obsolescence In Two Years

Was the Flip Video a fad or are consumers just moving at warp speed?

Space Shuttle Discovery Launch Seen From Airplane

A lucky airline passenger takes video of the final Space Shuttle launch from 30,000 feet.

Taco Bell Beef Is Only 88% Beef

Taco Bell has launched a new public awareness campaign touting their 88% Beef.

Jabba The Hutt Parks & Recreation Spoof

Parks & Recreation spoof video.


CSI is renowned for making shit up.

Honeymoon Video – Rob & Alice Rubinoff

Clips and stills from our honeymoon trip to Riviera Maya, Mexico – October 2010

Freshman QB Steven Morris Leads Canes To Last Minute Win Over Maryland Terapins

The University of Miami Hurricanes earn a last minute win over ACC foe, Maryland.

Pixel Movie Brings To Life 8-Bit Video Game Characters

Video depicting the take over of Earth by 8-bit pixel life form.

Elizabeth Lambert: Soccer Brawl Dynamo

University of New Mexico women’s soccer player Elizabeth Lambert kicks, punches, and takes down the opposition in loosing effort.



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