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Site Launch – Primos Hunting

Primos Hunting launches mobile friendly website.

Google Features My Quote On Google Apps for Business Marketing Site

Google is using a quote of mine to help market Google Apps for businesses.

People Management ProTip – Avoid The Word “JOB” Whenever Possible

I received this bit of advice today from someone I respect at work and felt it worthy of documenting here in hopes of helping others encoutering similar obstacles to great work in their work lives and quite possibly as a personal reminder for myself. When dealing with people at work, it is best to avoid […]

Why go on? What’s the point? Does my life have worth? And other questions that arise when I watch videos like this

6th grade braniac who’s killing it in the iTunes App store. This shit often makes me want to curl up and call it all quits.

Site Launch – St. Anthony Catholic School

Great new website for a great client.

Old Sitepoint Article Referenced on FatDux

A belated thanks to the folks at FatDux for mentioning my article.

Awesome Project – Really Enjoying Work!

I thrive on challenge in the workplace.

Magnolia business association conference spring 2011

I’m on the gulf coast for the MBA 2011 business conference held in longbeach ms. Yesterday, I presented on branding and today I’ll be presenting on social media. Had a yummy Po boy at the Harborview restaurant. Looking forward to some Que at the shed before heading back to Jackson this afternoon. Great meeting entrepreneurial […]

I Was Interviewed By Google For This Article

Google is doing a marketing push for Google Apps in which they highlight a single company from each of the 50 states. Mad Genius, my employer, was featured for Mississippi. They called a couple weeks ago and interviewed me and a co-worker about our move to Google Apps from microsoft based email/calendar/groupware prouducts and low […]

Three Work Email Subjects That Go Straight To The Trash

Nuff said



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